Tuesday, July 18, 2006 - 6:45 am

Just got a call from Mike’s nurse. They’ve got him maxed out on all his pressors, full oxygen, full everything and Mike’s blood pressure is dropping. Systolic (top number) in the 70s. They are basically just watching because there’s nothing more they can do. This pressure issue precludes dialysis… So here we are. I’m heading there now.

My mom and dad are coming from their hotel nearby to help take care of Baxter and Lonia is heading back into town. Victoria, Chris and Diana are heading to the hospital now.


Kristy said...


I just read Tyler's post on Theatre Alliance about donating blood to Mike, and I would really like to (I'm O+!)-- Here's the thing. I can't donate to the Red Cross anymore because I spent more than 3 months in England since 1988 and may have been exposed to Kreutzfeld-Jacobs disease. Since they can't screen for it, they won't take my blood.

So, that said ... do you still want mine? I can get to the hospital on Thursday.

Hang in there. My thoughts are with you both.

Kristy Chouiniere

Susan Ackley said...

Dear Danna,
We are holding you in our hearts. Your big wild amazing love for Mike has carried him this far--nothing can take away that power. He's still enveloped in it, whether he goes or stays. --------Blessings, Susan

Anonymous said...

Dear Danna,

Bless you and your family. I've been following your blog and wishing there were something I could do to make it better. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...


Like so many, I am thinking of Mike and you and your family all day, and join your vigil in spirit. You're doing a tremendous job in recognizing what is within your power - and using it to be Mike's Best Advocate - and also recognizing what is outside of your power or anyone's for that matter. Someone used the word "grace" on this blog earlier, and I think that might be an important part of it. I'm glad you and Mike have so many friends and family around for support.

Much love,
Emily W.

Anonymous said...

Dear Danna,

Just wanted you to know that we continue to pray for you and Mike. Hang in there.

Gods Blessings,

Jenny S-G said...

First off, are these residents out of their minds?!? I am simply appauled that you keep getting calls at odd hours of the night to get permission to wheel Mike into a completely inappropriate surgery. It makes me angry. Is our health care system so entirely screwed up?!? I cannot imagine what families must go through who are not able to be as strong or vigilent as you have been, Danna.

Second, I wish with all my soul for Mike's body to find some last reservoir of strength to heal. And, I wish, Danna, that you continue to find that peace you expressed in the wee hours of the morning.

Sending you a digital, long distance embrace.

UD Comm Dept said...


The entire UD Comm faculty and staff are with you, as always.

UD Dept of Communication

Anonymous said...


Super wife, Super friend, and probably Super Neuro-surgeon internest if you wanted to be... We love you.

Scott, Jen and Lily

Anonymous said...

Danna, so many of Mike’s coworkers are asking about him and throughout each day checking the blog for his condition and for stories of happy times with Mike.

Sending love and prayers from all Mike's friends -your Disc Makers family

Don said...

Another Mike memory:

One of my favorites is him doing The Mandrake in BAD HAIR. The Mandrake is a disembodied voice over a telephone (think Strong Bad if he were Spanish). He is a mad eveil genius who is more mad than genius.

I used to do the part, somehow Mike took it over and made it his own. Now, when we do The Mandrake in a show, we are doing Mike doing the Mandrake ("I could have used a cheep cleep..."). It always works.

Anonymous said...


Our hearts are breaking as we read the blog, for Mike and for you. You are an amazing person and advocate, everyone should have a Danna in their corner.

Someday, we can see this blog being published. We're hoping for a Hollywood ending--with the hero pulling through.

Hugs, Thoughts, Prayers and Support

Eric & Deb

Anonymous said...

Please know that you have a big extended family in Delaware that is there for you and will be there for you. Prayers and love to you.

Anonymous said...

Was given the link to your blog from Scott & Liz....I've been checking it off and on, but wasn't compelled to comment until now. I have you in my prayers and send yo strength......in smiles, hugs, smooshes (as you call them) and tears. Squeeze Baxter tight and his strength will find its way to Mike. Whatever God intends for him. You are strong. Don't forget that. Hang in there. Danielle Woods
(scott's sister, just in case you didn't remember me!)

Lisa said...
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