Thursday, July 20, 2006 - 11:45 pm

For those of you who haven't yet read yesterday's comments, Dondon included a message from Mike to all his friends after his November surgery. Don, I think you're right. Mike always knew how loved he was. Always.

From Mike
December 6, 2005

I must say I’ve been deeply moved by the generosity and loving concern shown by so many people. I thank each of you who sent an email, phoned, or just sent a kind thought for my recovery. I am humbled by the depth of your care for my well-being. In some ways, it’s been a chance to understand what my funeral might be like, without the inconvenience of actually dying. I am so fortunate to be a member of your community, and thank you for your friendship.

Warm regards,


Here is an email exchange between married Mike and me in December 2003, after about 6 months of marriage. I loved that we never let our bad moments get the best of us. We always talked things out and got smooshy once again. It wasn't in my nature to be like this. I learned it from Michael.

From: Danna Young
To: Mike Young
Sent: December 11, 2003 10:09 am

Hi there, smoosher.

I was so in my head this morning that I missed my subway stop and had to walk 15 minutes in the rain. Doh!

I am sorry that I was grumpy this morning and that I have not been more affectionate. I think I have been in my head about various things related to school (as usual). I also feel like my feeling were hurt from different small things this week that I never talked about with you. That is my own fault. I think that the two things together (my being in my head and feeling hurt about things that I haven't talked about) have contributed to my pulling away.

I had a wonderful weekend with you and we can't be too far from that since it was just four days ago. Tonight I hope we can talk about this stuff and get smooshy for our trip.

I love you and I'm sorry I jumped on you this morning. I'm also sorry that we initiated a conversation in the car that deserved far more time than we had at that moment.




From: Mike Young
To: Danna Young
Sent: December 11, 2003 11:52 am

Hi smoosher,

I just upgraded my system and email program, so now when I read your
email, your smiling face appears in the header, kind of like how the IM
program worked. It made me chuckle when I realized that this morning.
So even when you send me something sad or mean, you're still smiling at

I love you very much, and am also sad we started that conversation at
that point. We'll continue it tonight. We'll have a nice night packing
up and writing a few Christmas cards with the kitties.


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Anonymous said...

The images I have in my head of Mike are in his blue uniform (why the blue? I don't know) with his kneepads and his energy making me laugh without him even saying anything.

The "Mike" I saw on Tuesday (ex-Mike?) was a container for the spirit that is Mike. The container for that spirit was certainly beaten up, but it had gone through a tremendous fight. It LOOKED like it had been through a battle.

I expected no less than an Epic Battle from the spirit of Mike, your Champion. He used the vessel that contained his spirit to the end of its capability, beyond science and logic, to try to remain here with you, fighting right to the end.

Not everyone's Spirit Vessel can look like Russell Crowe's at the end of an Epic Battle. Danna, your Champion looked like a real gladiator who had fought the fight of his life.

I was so so so proud of his spirit for fighting as hard as he did, and I was proud of his Spirit Vessel that hung on and hung on to give it one more chance.

I know it's hard to think of his Spirit Vessel looking so bad, but those images will fade in time.

Danna, you are someone worth Championing and now the world is learning what Mike already knew.

Love you,