Writing what you know

Article with my colleague Scott finally came out in the journal "Death Studies." It examines how widows/widowers and divorced people exhibit themes of meaning-finding and loss in their online dating profiles. The findings are actually quite inspiring, as they indicate that widows and widowers use this platform as a place to articulate who they *want* to be post-loss. Obviously this is a self-selected group of people who already feel "healed" enough to be looking for love in the first place, but the kinds of reflections people make and the clarity of the trends in the data are uplifting.


Kate K. said...

Looks really interesting, Danna. I look forward to reading the whole text.

David said...

my friend rich went through the very same thing when he lost his wife (and my friend caryn). the online dating connections became another outlet to talk about his loss and process while beginning to date in a healthy way.

i will continue to remember my time with mike in mask & wig with great fondness, especially for the team he made with glen berger. those two were tremendous inspirations to me both as individuals and when working as a team.

cheers from LA,

Anonymous said...

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