Wedding Day!

PJ and I are getting married this afternoon at 5:30 pm.

Bax is giving me away and is the ring bearer. He's so excited that mom and dad are getting married.

PJ's giant family, my family, and our friends are here in town. Lonia (Mike's mom) has been staying here at the house since Sunday and is a wonderful help as things have gotten nutty over the past few days! I feel so supported by Mike's family. His mom, sister, and brother in law are going to be in attendance today.

Here's to new beginnings, to the amazing partner and best friend I've found and to the exceptional dad that Baxter is so blessed to have in PJ.


Anonymous said...

I am soooo happy for you and Baxter!!! You have a wonderful life ahead of you and you deserve every second of it. Congratulations to you, PJ and Baxter. Many happy thought to you on thos special day.

Much love and happiness,


Anonymous said...

Mazel tov and congratulations! Wishing you all, all that you wish for!

Lisa in NJ said...

Congrats. I'm super happy for you. Wishing you all the best in the world.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations and Much Happiness for you and your family!

(from DE)

Anonymous said...

Hi Danna- I am thrilled to see this day come. Baxter is quite the man and I want to see pictures of him with you!! Its been quite the journey to reach this day. None of us ever can really imagine what the future holds for us, the ups and downs, but faith and perserverence can bring us good things after bad. And this is a VERY GOOD thing!! Congratulations to you three.

Kate K. said...

Wishing you much happiness!

Kate, Jeff, and Henry

Anonymous said...

you deserve it!congrats on the wedding.

OliviaRB said...

Hurray! Can't wait to see pictures!!

weissman said...

woooooooohoooooooooooooo. mazel tov, all of you.

Anonymous said...

-Talia & Scott

CryssyeR said...

That is SO awesome! Congratulations and a very happy life to you, PJ and Bax. I have been reading (and lurking) for over a year, and I have to say that it is incredible to see you so happy now. Bless you and your new husband!

Nicole said...

Congratulations! So happy for you all! I wish you and your family much happiness.

-Nicole K.