Oh... the humor. the sick sick humor

On Friday, PJ and I had a guilty moment of awkward laughter at the sight of this envelope that came in the mail.

From Newsweek: FINAL NOTICE. Addressed to Mike Young. Something tells me he's not renewing his subscription. Call me crazy... but it's just this hunch I have.

Then today... I got THIS one (below). This one made me at once laugh and then furrow my brow in a "HUH?" kind of moment.

"Mike Young: for your recent purchase, Please enjoy this offer on your next visit. $10 off at Pep Boys."

So, several logical questions have arisen.

a) Mike Young made a "recent purchase" at Pep Boys?
b) Assuming, for a moment, that Mike did pass through town... Why didn't he stop in to say hi?
c) What the f*ck could he possibly be purchasing at Pep Boys? I sold Harvey (his 96 Saturn) in August 2006...