Random pics and vids from the house of Young and Gallagher

Laughtastic Sketchopalooza - coming up in less than two weeks... Check out the Stellar program that Amy from DiscMakers designed for us! As Susan said, "Hot Diggity!"

Show's going to kick booty. Get Tix HERE.

Speaking of Mike... his friend and longtime colleague, Jim, from Discmakers just uploaded a super extensive photo album of Discmakers photos dating back to 1996, including some of Mike. These shots are sooo great.

Seeing new footage or photos of Mike is such a gift. It's the rare opportunity to have a new memory of him, or a new experience with him.

At left: LONG haired Mike, circa 1998-99

At right: Mike hosts DMpalooza with Dre. Mike LOVED this event. He thought Dre was the coolest guy he would ever have the opportunity to know. As he put it, "He wears COWBOY boots... and still looks cool. Who does that?"

Below: Mike dressed up as a pregnant king for Halloween - probably 96 or 97. When this photo was taken, I was probably a 21 year old, studying abroad in france, chain smoking while eating brie. Crazy stuff.

And now... cause we haven't seen him in a while: Baxter Newland Young.

Cracking up PJ and me... like usual.

First: Bax's Jingoism comes out as he sings a patriotic lil' ditty -learned at daycare - in "Spanish"... his label, not mine.

Second: Baxter masters the concept of narrative structure. And superheroes kicking ass.

Finally: This lil video speaks for itself. Enjoy our gifted son.


Anonymous said...

I can's stop laughing. What a cutie! ! !

Baxter, I love the song. You did a great job for America!

See you in six weeks.


Anonymous said...

oh. dear god. so my kids aren't the only ones that think it's hi-larious to stick sh*t up their noses. i love seeing bax. love. love. love.

Anonymous said...

Anxious to see the show tonight. It sounds wonderful.