My latest Mike dream: Jamie Lee Curtis, Cartoon animals and Asian Inspired Quilts

So, I blogged for the first time in a month last night about our wonderful vacation in NH and Cape Cod (see down below in next blog post for photos)…

But I’m writing this morning because I HAVE to share this dream. One of the best, craziest, smartest dreams I’ve ever had.

Literally just woke up in this hotel bed with Baxter (in Cape Cod) and feel like I was just hanging out with mike… but I have to share this amazing narrative that my mind constructed to “give me permission” to me to be with PJ.

I dreamt that 2 years ago, Mike, me and all of our friends were on a huge trip to Australia with a stop-over in some jungle land. Mike never got the second flight. All he had on him was his wallet. He had stopped to use the restroom and never came back. Local authorities claimed he was murdered, so we all went about our lives as though he was dead. Got it? No brain tumor. In my dream he died due to some civil war jungle fight.

BUT, after some digging in the UD library, I found some indications that perhaps he was being held hostage by a militia – led by Jamie Lee Curtis – and he wasn’t dead at all.

So, with the help of a team of cartoon woodland animals – inspired, I believe, by the team of Kung Fu students in the film Kung Fu Panda – I went to this jungle land, battled the local security force, and found, deep in the jungle: Mike and about 12 other hostages.

We hugged and kissed and next thing I know, I had brought him back to the US. We were all at some craft fair where they were selling Asian inspired quilts. I knew that PJ was on his way with Baxter and I told Mike really quickly all about PJ:

“I thought you were dead. I’m in love with PJ and he asked me to marry him. He is an excellent father to Baxter… But I love you and loved being your wife, so I have no idea what to do here. We need a plan, Mike.”

Mike looked right at me, “I don’t know. I love you, smoosher, but you really want to still be married? I've changed a lot. We've both moved forward. It feels like it would be too much.”

Basically, I learned that, in the jungle, Mike was the leader who kept all the hostages happy, strong, entertained, and optimistic. Apparently, he had also had some wonderful flings with the young female hostages and was feeling attractive and invincible – ready to take on the world… and women.

“Really???!!” I said with a smile, “For reals? You’d be ok if we just stayed best friends and I married PJ?”

“Where is this alleged ‘PJ’” he asked with his air quotes and a smile.

PJ was inside, holding Baxter. Bax ran to me and asked to use the bathroom. So, I left PJ and Mike to chat, and was trying to help bax in the bathroom, meanwhile trying to explain that Daddy Michael was back. He was all kinds of confused.

When I came out of the restroom, Baxter ran right to PJ. Mike slapped PJ’s arm as they were joking about something. Mike chatted with Baxter a little bit, nothing huge or dramatic.

I noticed that Mike had put in his earrings again… but they weren’t the gold hoops. Instead, they were big diamonds.

“What are THOSE,” I asked, pointing at the earrings, as he pulled out a ridiculous pimpish hat from behind his back,

“Hey honey, I have things to do,” he said in a fake condescending voice and then laughed, “I think they’re kind of cool!” He put on the hat, I gave him a huge huge hug, and then he was off…

PJ looked at me, waiting for the verdict, with an expression that said, ‘will my fiance’s dead husband be taking back my fiancĂ© and son? Or will my life go as planned.’

I hugged and kissed PJ with Baxter sandwiched in between.

“Mike said he loves me, but he doesn’t want to be married. I think he has a lot he wants to do now that he’s back and he feels like he wouldn’t know how to start where he left off. We’re ok. We’re a family.”

And we looked over as Mike was joking and laughing with the entire ComedySportz crew (who, I guess, were also interested in this big Asian quilting show…), reveling in the love and attention of the many friends who had missed him so much.

So, it took cartoon animals, Jamie Lee Curtis, and an Asian quilting exhibition, but my mind found a way to rescue Mike, get him back to his life and his friends, and still be able to move ahead with PJ and Bax.

As I used to say to Mike after I did something I found to be particularly smart,

“Awwww yeah… Who’s your genius?”


weissman said...

holy smokes, your brain is impressive! all i managed to do today was wash my car keys. fortunately they still work.

Tom McManus said...

I am crying. That is exactly what has happened. It is beautiful. Thank you.



Karen said...

and now I know it wasn't a dream...CSZ training did happen in a gorilla camp in the jungle!!
Viva La Resistance!!