... he's so going to kick my arse

But, for those of you who have been asking, here are some photos of Pj. The ones outside were taken in early January by my friend Rosa, mom to Rowan (pictured in the wagon with Bax).

Busy times on campus. Next week is the week when my students we be abruptly disillusioned as their otherwise fun and
perky professor administers some damn challenging exams in two different classes.

They have made me so proud these past few weeks. I was observed by the chair of my department, teaching my upper-level seminar of 25 students and they were so on the ball it was fantastic. Then, my class of 200 was the scene of a guest appearance by a UD alum who is now a big time tv producer in Hollywood. They were attentive, friendly, engaged and responsive. Warmed my little heart, I tell you. Sometimes I wonder if they understand how much I get from them - how gratifying it is to see their eyes light up as I tell them something they've never thought about before. It is a truly amazing job.


Anonymous said...

Two handsome men in your life!!!!!!!! Lucky girl!!!!!!! Be happy Danna, you deserve it! Congrats on your classes tose students don't know how fortunate they are to be taught by someone with so much life experience.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics. Thanks.

See you very soon.

M and D
M and P

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Sure he isn't a McManus?--from these photos he looks like Tom.

Di in Lansdowne

Dannagal said...

Everybody who has met him says he looks just like Tom McManus: these observers include - Kebbeh, DonDon, and CSM!


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