32, baby.

So, today is SUPER TUESDAY! And... my 32nd birthday. Baxter charmed me with a rousing version of "Happy Birthday." Then, I wanted him to tell the camera we were about to go vote... but he put it in his own words which you can hear for yourself...

"We going to write ... not for a bad guy... but for...."


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day, babe!

Can't wait 'til our next swanky hotel rendez-vous. Buenes Aires? Singapore? Detroit?

Your German mistress.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, dear Danna.

I've been wondering where you stand on the Hilary Barak issue. Thanks, Bax.


Jess said...

Happy Birthday, hope you celebrate it to the fullest!

Oh, Bax is just too cute!


MJC said...

Happy 32th! rock the vote.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, Danna!!!


CSM said...

OHMYGOD. Can't wait till he's running for office some day and we can run that video in the "Early Years" portion of the nomination vid at the convention... Even Obama couldn't have been that politically aware at 3 years old!!! And look at where he is now. The kid's a freakin' GENIUS I tell you. AND HE CAN POOP IN THE TOILET TOO? Holy shit!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Old Lady!! Great seeing you and Bax and PJ on Sunday. Your kid is HY-LARIOUS, and I'm way jealous about this pooping in the toilet thing - we've got a long way to go on that one.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Danna. It was so good to hear you laughing. Actually, it was so good to hear you both since I only know you through the blog!! Jalena

CryssyeR said...

Oh, so sorry I missed it. Happy Birthday!

That little boy of yours is one cutie pie :)

Anonymous said...

OH! The song made my heart thump extra hard.

I love you guys.

Baxter's song was way better then ours!!!

xoxoxoxoxoxox M and P
or M and D