...ok, so they were off by $1000...

Ok, so the letter from Philadelphia Theater Company was off by $1,000.


We have actually raised only $3,045, not $4,045. But that's still pretty freaking good. About $1500 of that has been contributed in the form of lots of your smaller donations of $100 and under. It's like a regular grassroots campaign here, people!

So thank you for your generosity - and if you were thinking of donating to his PTC seat, but thought we already had the whole thing covered, think AGAIN! And once you donate, you can join us for the schmancy unveiling in October 2008!

DONATE TO MIKE'S SEAT HERE (Be SURE to write in the comments box, "Gift in support of the seat in honor of Mike Young): https://id209.chi.us.securedata.net/%7Ephiladelphiatheatre/support/giving_form.html

Instructions for donating:

  • Don't go to the Seat Campaign page as it only registers gifts at the full seat levels of $2,500, $5,000, $7,500 and $10,000.
  • Instead, on the "Support" page, you can fill in the amount you wish to contribute.
  • Under “Apply,” you should note “Other.”
  • Then, in the “Comments” section, you should say "Gift in support of a seat in memory of Mike Young."
  • That will enable your gift to go towards Mike's seat. PTC will let me know of donors as you participate and will keep me apprised of the total funds raised.


Anonymous said...

Bummer. But I bet it is there before you know it. How did they make that much of a mistake? Remedial math, anyone? Jalena

Anonymous said...

Last week, I noticed in the PTC programs they've got you in the seat donors, Dr. Danna Young ... you might want to ask them to change that to the "In Memory of Mike Young"

Dannagal said...

Oooh... thanks for the heads up!!!