Mike W. Young: The Funniest Man in Philadelphia

As you saw from my last post, I'm feeling quite good these days. I feel so appreciative and grateful and happy that I almost feel a bit manic.

As my friend Scott has told me (thanks to all his Zen Buddhist sctuff) I need to make sure to simply "Kiss the Joy as it Flies." I tend to want to harness it and package it and make sure I can guarantee a way to make it permanent. But... nothing is permanent. And in the quest to make permanent some feeling of joy, in the past I have precluded myself from living in the happy moment itself - too concerned with how the heck to make it last.

So today, when I got home and opened the mail, and I saw something that filled me up with such joy that I cried, I kept reminding myself to "kiss the joy as it flies."

Philadelphia Theater Company wrote to me to tell me that the total for Mike's seat is up to $4045. This mean that we're going to be able to get one of the rear orchestra seats for Mike, instead of the $2500 Mezzanine seats.

As for the engraving on the back of the seat? I remember Mike telling me about a compliment he received years ago that stayed with him. It was from a friend of a friend who said, "I hear you're the funniest man in Philadelphia!"

Mike W. Young
The Funniest Man in Philadelphia

What do you think? Don, would you protest too much? If I had another $5000, i would buy a seat next to his that said, "DonDon: The Second Funniest Man in Philadelphia."

cause that's just the kind of sweet girl I am.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news. What grand friends! Great job.


Kate said...

That's fantastic, Danna! Way to go!

== Kate

Anonymous said...

'teary eyed' ...and smiling!


Anonymous said...

How can I protest? I worshiped at the foot of the Michael Young.