Photos, vids n stuff

(at left: Beth, Kevin, Susan, Danna, a late-morning tantrumming Baxter, Cheryl and Matthew and Randy in strollers)

Busy times, all around. Faculty search = on campus each day. Many meetings and interviews. Giving an exam. Getting ready for Chicago conference of the National Communication Association conference (next thursday). Making a speech for the communication honor society tomorrow night. Undergrads are scheduling their classes for winter session, and looking for guidance and input. lots n lots of stuff. All good stuff.

Brain tumor walk for hope was something else. Cheryl, Kevin, Beth, Susan, and three stroller-bound toddlers joined us. It was sad and beautiful. Together, we raised over $1000.00 for the Brain Tumor Society. But it was sad. Mike should have been there. And unlike breast cancer race for the cure, in which many many survivors participate... brain tumors are not quite so survivable it would seem. Most people were wearing numbers on their backs that said "In memory of"... NOT "in celebration of." Kind of heavy all around.

Saddest thing ever was when I pinned Bax's tag on him. His little tiny cuteness wearing a tag that said, "In memory of DADDY." I couldn't put everyone in this race through that horrific sight. I made him a new one that just said "dad" and left him in the stroller most of the race. Cheryl suggested I leave the first one on a strap a can to his back with a "Donations" sign. I'd make a freaking mint!!

At right: Kevin's ode to Mike... "In memory of: Some Jerk." As he said, "I HAD to!" So true. For years, mike gave kevin birthday cards and simply signed the inside, "F*ck you. Mike" Ah, boy humor. Who gets it?

NEXT: Bax in a velvet suit!! looking all AC/DC, right?

Scott took this great video of Baxter at the kitchen table...


Baxter: What rhymes with B?

Scott: G.

Baxter: What rhymes with I?


Jalena said...

Great job on the race!! Thank for participating from all of us!! Doesnt matter where the research takes place, in the end it benefits us all.

Anonymous said...

Notice the crazy drunk Dougherty kid. Too much tequila in the AM.

Anonymous said...

Notice the crazy drunk Dougherty kid. Too much tequila in the AM.

mommy dougherty said...

Actually, it was bourbon. It's the Dougherty family drink of choice.

Anonymous said...

aww. this made me cry. mostly because of Kevin's wonderfully appropriate inappropriate humor. also because i miss all of you soooo much. kisses to all those babies.

Anonymous said...

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