Giving Mike a Permanent Home at the Philadelphia Theater Company's New Theater

So, I have a wonderful idea I’d like to share with you, in the hopes that you’ll consider helping out as we approach the charitable holiday season. I am sponsoring a seat in the name of Mike Young at the Suzanne Roberts Theater - the new home to the Philadelphia Theater Company – and would love for you to help me in this effort.

Mike and his dear friend, Cara, were subscribers at PTC for years… starting in the late 90s. They maintained their subscription up until Mike got sick. One play Mike saw there, “The Last Five Years” (at right) became one of Mike’s absolute favorites. He bought to CD and we listened to it on “repeat” as we painted 841A South American Street’s living room “goldenrod” and “cashew," singing along to "Summer in Ohio" and being very very dorky.

I remember the morning that Mike passed away. Many people came to sit with us there at the hospital. Cara stopped by first thing that morning. She sat down next to me and I remember telling her that I wanted to resume the PTC subscription with her. I wanted to take Mike’s seat and accompany to each show of the season. So, we have. It has been an amazing way to connect with Cara, and to stay connected to Mike.

So, the Philadelphia Theater Company has moved to its new home: the Suzanne Roberts Theater. And they have a program that enables individuals and groups to sponsor seats in the name of (or memory of) an individual. With a sponsored seat, Mike’s name will appear on a brass plaque on the back of his seat at the theater. Forever. He will see every show. More than almost any of the ideas I’ve had to honor him, this one has a sense of permanence and appropriateness that I haven’t felt before. An orchestra seat is $5,000. A Mezzanine seat is $2,500. I have placed one Mezzanine seat on hold – but if I am able to raise the funds, I’d love for his seat to be in the orchestra section. I am going to be putting a sizable contribution towards the seat, and will be paying towards it over the next two years. But I would love your help. Donations are tax deductible. PTC also has a section on its website where it identifies companies that have matching programs...

If you are interested in putting some money towards Mike’s seat at PTC – any amount at all – you can donate online through their secure server.

Down below is the link to the Campaign Support page that you can use to contribute to Mike’s seat.

But first, a couple of instructions:

  • Don't go to the Seat Campaign page as it only registers gifts at the full seat levels of $2,500, $5,000, $7,500 and $10,000.
  • Instead, on the "Support" page, you can fill in the amount you wish to contribute.
  • Under “Apply,” you should note “Other.”
  • Then, in the “Comments” section, you should say "Gift in support of a seat in memory of Mike Young."
  • That will enable your gift to go towards Mike's seat. PTC will let me know of donors as you participate and will keep me apprised of the total funds raised.

DONATE TO MIKE'S SEAT HERE: https://id209.chi.us.securedata.net/%7Ephiladelphiatheatre/support/giving_form.html

From PTC: “Danna, Your husband sounds like he was an amazing individual, and we are honored that you would consider the Theatre as a place in which to keep his memory alive.”

About the program, FROM PTC’s website:

As PTC takes center stage on the Avenue of the Arts, you're invited to take your seat in our dazzling new Suzanne Roberts Theatre as a Seat Donor. With your Seat Campaign gift of $2,500 to $10,000, you'll become a permanent part of one of the most awarded and exciting theatres in the region.

  • As a Seat donor, the name of a loved one you choose to honor will be engraved on a permanent brass plaque on the back of a luxurious, custom-designed seat in the new Suzanne Roberts Theatre.
  • Your name (or the name of your loved one) will be permanently listed in PTC program books, and you will also receive recognition on the digital display in the Lobby during our inaugural year.
  • You will be invited to two exclusive events: The VIP Seat Unveiling in October 2008 and the End-of-Campaign Celebration in 2009.


beth said...


What an amazing and awesome idea. Kevin and I would be so, so happy to make a contribution.



Anonymous said...

Help!!! I need a Baxter and Danna update!! I know that you both are having your usual adventures. We didnt even get a Thanksgiving update!! And now, its the holidays!! Come on, time to share, PLEASE!!!

Anonymous said...

Jalena is right. We are all missing you and hoping that you're doing okay. It's a rough month, I know, so hang in there Danna. I can imagine there are lots of emotional ups and downs ... I'm right on that roller coaster with you. Amy J

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