Race For Hope NOVEMBER 4th - SUNDAY

I realize I haven't written lately. Life is hectic all around. Trying to make a deadline for a potentially fantastic journal publication, gave the first big exam of the semester to my students, and Bax was diagnosed with ear infection on Tuesday (after a week of acting like an utter criminal). But I'm surviving.

REMINDER: Next Sunday is the Brain Tumor Society's Race (or, if you're Danna, "Walk") for Hope.
Susan and I have registered ourselves on the Jefferson Hospital Team and we'll be walking with a lot of the many nurses who cared for Mike.

Please either consider walking with us, or donating to the cause. You can do so by credit card by clicking on my personal Race for Hope page HERE.

Click here to view the team page for Jefferson Team

If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address:


SandyLikeABeach said...

You may find this strange but I came across your blog last year by reading the obituaries. My morbid curiosity! For some reason I was drawn to Mike, you and your friends. I always check your blog to see how you and Baxman are doing! Here I am, a total stranger, considered normal by most of my friends. A few will beg to differ! But I read your blog from the beginning.(since the obituary) I knew the outcome but just wanted to know more about you and Mike. You made me laugh and cry. I think your parents and crazy Susan Murphy are a riot! I have told my friends about you but won't give them your site because it's like a story that continues to unfold....one that "I" share with them .. (I Love when they ask ..How's Danna and Bax?)We toasted to you when you became Dr. Danna...we cry with you on your bad days... You make us thank God(the moon) for our good fortune and we complain alot less for our trivial problems. We are the fortunate ones...never having to deal with what you or others, have been dealt! You inspire us and we think differently because of you. Please continue to blog about your life...we mourn for Mike but cheer for you! You WILL be OK....Mike would have it no other way!! You are always in our thoughts...we are nurses in a nursing home in North Jersey..we unfortunaly see people suffer but from problems primarily associated with old age. When times are tough as they often are our motto has become "What would Danna do?" Here's to you and you wonderful support group of funny, loving, and truly caring friends and family! A donation (small) for the Race(Walk) was made ...We want to know if there is a particular foundation/fund that we can donate to around the christmas holidays as we usually give a charitable donation in lieu of gifts between co-workers. I look forward to your blog entries and wish you, Baxman, your family and friends peace and happiness always .....SandyLikeABeach:)

Dannagal said...

Dear Sandy,
I can’t even explain how much your note means to me. Every once in a while a total stranger writes on the blog or emails me and it feels like it all makes sense. One of my biggest obstacles in my grief process is understanding the fact that Mike is frozen in time. He will never utter another word to me. I’ll never share a NEW experience with him. But what is totally wild is that through this blog, he’s still very much alive, and informing how other people (strangers) live their lives. It’s remarkable, really. People who he never would have met are somehow changed or inspired by him and by us, even in his absence.

I have been on a few dates with someone who is very open to my talking about this whole experience. (You’ll notice I’m really not writing about my dating life on this blog! Last thing I need is for my students to know about my latest suitor.) Anyhow, on the phone last night he told me how impressively well-adjusted I am and how far I must have come. He asked how I have my head on so straight. My first response? This blog. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. By “putting it all out there” I feel like it’s no longer just mine to deal with. I walk around feeling like I have a large safety net under me. And with it, I’ll never really fall.

So, Thank you, Sandy – and hugs to you and your friends. Also, thank you so much for your donation to the Brain tumor Society walk. As for other charities to keep in mind for the holidays, there is the Mike Young Fund at Jefferson – which will go towards various projects on Dr. Andrews’ team – or possibly to a major makeover of the hellish pit of a waiting room outside the NICU. I have also set up a Uniform Transfers to Minors Account for Baxter that will be turned over to him when he is 18. Info on both of these is here:

The Mike Young Fund
Jefferson Foundation
Jefferson University Hospital
925 Chestnut St. Suite 110
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Contributions to Bax’s account:

Send to:
Mark D. Mensack
Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
6000 Sagemore Dr., Suite 6201
Marlton, NJ 08053

[More info - UTMA, A Uniform Transfers to Minors Account: The UTMA is a type of custodial account. The child is the account owner, but the parent (or other adult) is named as custodian. The custodian controls the account until the child is no longer a minor. At that point, the custodial relationship ends and the child controls the account.]