Happy 40th Birthday Mike.

I so wish i could make fun of you for being so so old. I'm doing it anyway... you're just not here to hear it.

Bax and I just sang happy birthday to you. Bax insisted on going to the window so that you could actually hear it. I bet you did.

Tonight, we're going out for your big day. Kevin, Beth, Susan, Tracie, and I are going to see Jen Childs' new show, "Searching for signs of intelligent life in the universe." It's gotten great reviews and it was directed by Mary Carpenter. You love both those ladies and you'd be very proud of their work. I can only imagine how you would embrace them in the lobby after the show... your jacket draped over your arm, arms folded, head tilted to one side when they come out into the lobby.

After the show, we're going to all get a drink together and toast your birthday. You OLD OLD OLD man.

I love you,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little brother,
I'll never stop missing you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, OLD Friend. Miss you much.