Big Pimpin' Pirate Baxter

So, Baxter wanted to be a pirate. I think he sorta looked like a pimp.

But a cute one.



You see what I'm talking about, here?

In this next pic... no, he's not saying "EFF YOU," rather he's practicing his pirate, "Arrrrrr," - and with gusto, I might add.

All around great day. costume parade at HLC, Halloween party, and then we went home and really "trick or treated" for the first time. We went to about 10 houses.

The only less than stellar moment was when we ran into a family we didn't know who thought bax's costume was fantastic... and then, pointing further down the street to an adult man also dressed as a pirate, this dad said, "Is that your dad down there dressed as a pirate, too?"

I hate when Baxter gets comments like that. Cause for a brief moment, he's like ".....what??? WHERE?" You can see it in his face. But I quickly said, "Oh No. Remember Bax? Down there we passed that cool Captain Hook guy. He looked pretty cool, didn't he?"

''Yeah. He looked cool!"



CSM said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOO bummed that i missed the halloween parade this year. Thanks SO much for posting the pix. Great hat. CSM

Anonymous said...

Bax looks cool and you look like gorgeous. Nice to see you smiling Danna. Onward to Thanksgiving. Another month, another tricky holiday. Masterful deflection has become your specialty, I dare say.

Heide said...

Love the Seinfeldian puffy shirt.

Anonymous said...

Hey Danna,

What a fantastic Mom! ! ! ! Bax looks great in that git up. You are doing a wonderful job as The Deflector.

Love you so very much. Hang in there. Never been in your shoes; I think you are doing a grand job and I real empathize with you. I was looking forward to a picture post. Thanks so much for taking the time.