more great pix

I had a fantastic day today... walked with Baxter to the PATCO train station and trained it into Philly to do brunch with friends. It was so liberating to not have to drive my car and still be in the city with baxter so quickly. We are going to need to take the train more often.. He LOVED it and was so well behaved. We really enjoyed ourselves. Dinner tonight was with the Kennedy Clan, plus susan and Baxter. Good times.

Still brainstorming about what my next project will be, but time with good people doing fun things is always a quick picker upper.

Here are some more fantastic pictures.

Top R:Baxter
"reading" a photography book while in Ocean City.

L: Peter and Baxter

R: Baxter and his girlfriend Hazel (taken at Heide's house Wed night)

L: Bax and Hazel


Anonymous said...

he looks like such a BIG BOY in the bottom pic!!! look at that face!

Anonymous said...

he is ABSOLUTELY adorable!

Anonymous said...

See if you can not think so much about the funk. I'd chalk it up to season affective disorder more than anything else. Sleeping more, blah-humbug...kind of syncs with the falling leaves and fading blooms. For no real reason I feel it too.

Big project? my house is a mess...want to tackle that?!


Kate said...

Oh my! The kissing picture is so cute!

Thinking of you and Baxter!
== Kate

Jalena said...

Baxter has excellent taste in women. Are they too cute or what!! Actually, she looks a little like Baxter's Mom with the blond bob. Hmmmm.
I love the boardwalk picture in the sun hats. Those guys look like they are having a blast. Happy to be there. Whats more perfect than that?