Bad Mommy

So, My friend Scott Caplan - or "Captain Scott," as Bax calls him - came up from UD to help out with the baxman a bit. According to Scott, the vision of Baxter with the nebulizer mask on is just so utterly pitiful that he wanted to get a picture of it - particularly how well baxter dealt with the damn thing - sitting in his lil' Thomas chair watching TV with this crazy contraption on his face. He looks an awful lot like an 80 year old emphysema patient. Particularly as he sits in his mini-lazy boy with his legs crossed. It's just so wrong.

Even funnier than the pitiful image of baxter -- is the fact that Scott captured MY arm trying to snap a photo of bax with my cell phone to exploit his vulnerability.

Poor Baxter. Asthmatic, uncomfortable, and exploited.

BAD Mommy.


scott said...

it was all danna's idea..i had nothing to do with it...i swear

dizzlepop said...

That's funny!

Anonymous said...

Hey Danna, just checking in. And good timing too I might add.

I had alergies to eggs and milk as a kid. Not real bad but I did grow out of it over time. Though I still have a gag reaction to eggs.

I lost my dad when I was 13. Being as my dad was a decorated W.W. II vet I was sure he was on a seacret assinment and would be comming home sometime,... I'm still waiting but what the hell. Having a dad that's working on the first Moon base to help get the first spaceship to Mars is awsome. I wouldn't worry too much. And you have to admit, his dad was out of this world.

Mario F.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't your arm in the picture that was so bad, it was the empty box of wine in the corner of the room and it's clearly still before noon.

When I was a leetle grrl, I got 2 allergy shots every week until I was 12. I got bronchitis every winter and ear infections every summer. Then I grew out of them and now I'm the Crazy Lady with the dogs and cats.

Not every kid grows out of them, but Bax's being so leetle, he won't remember a time when he WASN'T allergic.

Love you both,

Cheryl said...

No, BAD MOMMY would be taping a fake tracheotomy hole in his neck and adding a cigarette. Then selling the picture. That's how you exploit a boy.