crazy request?

First, Thank you so much for your many encouraging and sharing posts the other day. It felt so good to see that while I was up and alone in the middle of the night, this whole gaggle of people were there to tell me that Bax'll be ok. And as for the eggfree recipes? Bring 'em on!! I have baked stuff for him with egg-free substitutes, but it's tricky to know when the substitutes work and when they create a disastrous nightmare like the Betty Crocker brownie mix that I tried with applesauce instead of egg --- it ended up like a pan of volcano lava. Burnt volcano lava.

My crazy request: Any chance any of you out there who know the baxman would be willing/available to help me this weekend? Just to play the role of another set of hands in my house and to get up with him one morning?

His cough is just starting to loosen up. He was up in the night coughing, but was able to stop the spasm way faster than the last couple of nights. He's whiny as all hell - so I'm trying to nip that in the bud.

The main reason for help isn't that bax is so much worse or anything like that... it's just that I've fallen behind and can't catch up. I went to be early at 9:30 pm, but each time bax was up last night, I was so wired that I couldn't get back to sleep for hours. And, like every day, he was awake for the day today at 6.

Currently I am so sleep deprived that I feel hung over and on the verge of getting sick. And I need to feel like my feet are on the ground going into week #2 of classes.

Thanks all. hugs,