The Bubble Boy Update

Returned to the pediatrician this afternoon. Bax's fever is gone, but his cough is so persistent and keeps him up at night still... hence my "please help me" note from this morning.

So, Doc gave bax a Rx for oral steroids. That should help.

...Plus make him totally buff in the process.

He seems less miserable today - and seems to be coughing less thus far tonight. So keep those fingers n toes crossed - cause I am running out of steam.


Jalena said...

I'm so glad they have given you something to help him. I hope his asthma isnt seasonal because we are coming up on a bad time for some of us soon!! My allergies, thus attacks, are not fond of fall!! I wish I were closer. I'd keep him for you in a second. With one son and two grandsons, I'm loving little boys!! Hope this helps and at least try to get in a nap today!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto for me. Darn! I am so far away. But, you have the right stuff and you are on top of the situation.

Enjoy a long nap. It does make the world of difference.
Love you,
The Family 'Gypsy'

Deke Young said...

I had childhood Athesma, though I recall being older than Baxter is now (just my memory.)

I belive Mike had it as well. We always had a vicks vaporizer in the house as kids.

I outgrew the Athesma, I am fine now. And I played High School sports. I think Baxter will be fine. Just send him outside to eat some dirt and develop his immune system.