And... we're back!

It's great to be home - though the air quality leaves a bit to be desired (there you go, dad... i said it. you're right. the NH air can't be beat).

It was an amazing month all in all. Lots of quality time for Baxter with his Mimi and Poppy. One invigorating trip to Paris. And then, Michelle and her girls flew up to NH followed by CSM. Good times!

The picture at top left was taken by Susan on the old Railroad train at Clark's Bear show and trading post up in Lincoln, NH. At right are the two cutest lil' kids ever: Baxter and his older woman Jamie Lynn (Michelle's youngest) watching the sunset at Newfound Lake. We spent most days at the Hebron beach with our beach chairs emersed in the very clear, very shallow water - watching the kids play and swim and watching baxter play baker and collection on the shore. He loved it. (at right: CSM and Bax at the beach and on a bumper boat with Jamie).

Susan is my lil hero yet again - making the drive back with me on Sunday - helping pack up everything into the car, keeping Bax happy and entertained. And we did it! 8 hours and we were back in Philly.

It's a little bit quiet here on Melrose Ave now. Just bax and me again. It's been a little disconcerting at times, but I'm sure we'll get back in the groove. I have shitloads of stuff to do before classes start on the 28th of August at UD, so I'll certainly be keeping busy.

A friend of mine who lost her son two years ago told me that the year anniversary brought her to a different stage in the grief process. A change of some sort. Not necessarily making things better, per se, but just a different kind of distance. I am certainly feeling that. After climbing Mt. Sugarloaf and leaving some of Mike's ashes there, we spent the afternoon of July 18th watching Mike's old Mask and Wig performances as Baxter was totally absorbed in the shows: "That's MY Daddy? " he kept asking with a huge grin on his face. That day Mike was so present. It was hard and beautiful at the same time. But since then - and since my big trip to Europe where I felt young and alive like I hadn't in 2 years - I am feeling in a dfferent place with things. No longer can I look back and say, "A year ago Mike was blah blah blah." Cause now I look back and a year ago, I was floating in the land of suck. Somehow - in some Effed up way, that is comforting. I am in a whole new place all on my own. Finding my way, raising my son, paying bills, teaching students, doing research, enjoying wonderful friends... and Mike would be so so psyched for me.

He would have loved my traveling to France with Liz. He encouraged me to do it for years. And it was everything that I had hoped for. Liz is like my female Mike - grounded, thoughtful, lighthearted, organized, and fun - so traveling with
her feels so comfortable. (Left: Danna and Liz in Dijon) .

Now I'm in the throws of trying to plan the August 26th World Cafe Live Event. Since I've been away and disconnected for 4 weeks, I'm getting nervous about turnout at the show. I'm frantically trying to publicize it through every available channel. Any help getting the word out is welcome.

Last year it was such a celebratory event for Mike so turnout was super easy. People went to pay tribute to him. This year, I'm trying to make a point of toning down the Mike-centric feel of things. He wouldn't want to be the focus over and over - year after year. He would want the show to go on in his memory, but with its own fresh vibe. So that's what we're doing. New acts - new sketches - good shit, i tell you.

(Left: McManus making a bold bold call as ref in last year's CSz show! Right: Steve Roney and Jen Childs in last year's voicemail sketch)

We're keeping the voicemail sketch, though. Mike wrote it in the early 90s and it's a universal winner. After last year's show so many people told me that they were pissing themselves at that sketch - I had to keep it. What's a comedy show without pants-pissing? tell me that.

If you haven't gotten tickets yet, please consider going online to purchase them so we can get a feel for the turnout.

Sunday August 26th 7:30 pm@ World Cafe Live Philadelphia to benefit Jefferson Hospital

Tix $15. Get tix HERE: http://tickets.worldcafelive.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=2010
For detailed show info, visit our website:
More info: http://dgoldyoung.googlepages.com/2ndannualworldcafelivecomedyfestival2

Featuring: MC DonDon Montrey
Right: Bad Hair performing the Moustache Song

Performers include:
Comedysportz Philadelphia
Bad Hair Sketch
Rowan and Hastings
Jen Childs
Karen Getz's Suburban Lovesong
Tongue & Groove Improv


That's all for now. Consider me home. Let's do dinner. Wine? Coffee? BBQ? Call me.
Love, Danna and Bax


beth said...

How about some WATER ICE????? :)

Maybe we can try again...

Can't wait to see you and Bax.



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Kate said...

Beautiful pictures, Danna! You and Bax look great!