For those of you rooting for my trip to Paris...

I feel a strong sense of affection for Senator Bob Menendez' office in NJ. A young intern named Ryan has the dreadful task of helping NJ residents such as myself navigate the phone lines of US passport services and try to expedite their overdue passports.

He called today to tell me that after 5 days, he had finally been successful and had been given the FedEx tracking number for my passport. He said it was scheduled to ship out to me (in NH) later today.

So... tonight, I entered the tracking # and..... would you believe it?

"Estimated Delivery Date: July 17, 2007 by 3:00 pm"

I could have the passport with 48 hours still left to spare before takeoff. Then again -- it might still not get here in time... but I'm a lot more optimistic than I was yesterday.

After the past six days chasing after a very energetic Baxter and imagining how it's going to be without his mama to help, I wonder if Mimi and Poppy are going to sabotage the FedEx delivery: "Sorry Danna, The passport never showed up. Looks like you'll just have to stay here and watch Baxter. Oh Well.."


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