Frikkin Morrissey.

I haven’t felt like shit in a while, so it was bound to catch up with me. The dissertation is totally officially done. Wednesday I told Dritsas that I’m probably not going to be coming back to perform with ComedySportz anytime in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, I yearn for the same kind of emotional closeness I used to have in my life. And that takes time, I guess. I feel unreasonably lonely today. And very much like I’m floating here in limbo…waiting for a path to present itself.

Besides that, it’s Sunday and it’s pouring rain.

“Every day is like Sunday.” Thank you, Morrissey.

Oh yeah, Mike hated Morrissey. Too depressing. Morrissey and Depeche Mode - which he called, "Depressed Mood."


Anonymous said...

maybe you are suffering from
SAD- seasonal affective disorder.
you will feel mahvelous when you
can get dirty planting some petunias in your backyard in the sunshine.
don't forget you are stuck with me for life and you will never know how much I love you.
your seester,

CSM said...

maybe tomorrow nite, if the giant puddle is still in your backyard, we can get Bax in some raingear and splish splash out there. could be a lot of fun-- and a good way to turn the remnants of an icky Sunday into a fun Monday.



Kara said...

My husband calls them Depreshed Mode.

Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I found your blog through Jesus' Favorite (totally a joke name), who blogs about the loss of her stepmother. Reading blogs of other people going through the grief process has really helped, both by making me understand I'm not crazy and by helping me put things in perspective.

I know how you feel with the ups and downs. I lost my dad in an accident last year. The good days are finally outnumbering the bad, but it's been a hell of a journey.

I can't imagine losing my hubby after going through that. /hug

Dina said...

I frikkin love Morrisey , but can totally see your point. Just put my little under 2 munchkin to bed with 6 inches of brown creek water lapping up against our house. He spent the day watching his dad and 2 grandpas pump water away from his house, only to miserably fail in the end. Shit. I went to a memorial service for my friend's husband yesterday and thought of you. The pastor, a young female, babbled on and on about the afterlife and God saving us all, as the family requested. But in the end she redeemed herself by saying that even though she believes in hope, sometimes life just sucks. That made total sense to me.
Stay dry, Dr. Danna. You are in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Morrissey also wrote the line, "There is a light that never goes out".