Starting Wednesday night, I came down with some yucky achy fevery bug. Stayed in bed Thursday (bax went to daycare), cancelled classes friday (bax went to daycare), Thanks to Michelle, Carrie, and Susan, my boy has been entertained and taken care of. I saw the doc Friday and started antibiotics for what I think he assumed was strep. Between my tonsils and my lymph nodes he didn't bother doing a culture and just got me the Rx.

I am trying to remind myself it's been a few months since I've been stricken with this evil Danna bug. I used to get it like every other month last year. I think it's my body's way of telling me to chill the hell out.

Man I hate feeling like shit. On the one hand, it's uncomfortable and achy and a drag to not be able to do the things I love. On the other hand, it's an ever bigger drag because all those activities that keep me nice n' distracted aren't there and so I can get really really effing depressed. Last night while eating dinner with bax in the kitchen (some frozen crappy meal that was all I could get myself to prepare) we listened to Prairie Home Companion. As Garrison Keeler sang the intro song, I just sat there, looked around and started to cry. Cause you know what? 3 years ago, Mike and I would have been getting ready to go do a comedysportz show together, listening to Garrison Keeler as we headed out the door and then in the car on the way to the theater. Saturday night at 6. Every Saturday night at 6.

Instead, I was feeling like shit, feeding my kid some sad excuse for food. All alone in my messy kitchen, unshowered... no smoosher to hug me. the spiral was quick and dark.

So, I was getting all ready to just wallow in my own self pity... I wiped my tears and decided I would just muster the energy to read some books with bax, wash him up and put him to bed and then my pity party would ensue. But after ready books with a very happy baxter and getting upstairs to wash him up... he changed my whole night - that Baxter Young.

I got him undressed and went into his bathroom.

"Bax, you want to go pee pee on the potty before we brush your teeth?" I asked him. He's been peeing on the potty lately. Huge victory.

"Yeah!" he called from his room.

"Well then, get in here."

"But I'm in here!" He called back.

"What? Where are you, Bax?"

And then he said, "I'm in here. In Baxter's room. You stay there. I'll call you."

What?? I'm thinking....did he just say that?

So, I go into the hallway, and peek into the doorway to his room. And there, in his naked spread eagle glory is Baxter, relaxing in the rocking chair pretending to hold a phone to his ear. HUGE grin.

"Mama, I said I'll CALL you. Go back in there!"

I laughed so hard I almost peed. And instead of being depressed, I just washed him up, tucked him into bed and went to sleep myself.

Thank God for that little man.


Anonymous said...

Oh, My! The very old expression used to be, "Out of the mouths of babes."

You know what, bundle, YOU WILL BE VERY MUCH OK.

Yeah! I know it. You have real strong genes. Guess what? Bax does, too; as, he has two sets of fantansic genes.

Major love and humungous hugs.

Lisa said...

It's reading things like this that give me that extra little boost of confidence that me being a single mom will turn out just fine.

Anonymous said...

Baxter, you're the best! You take such good care of your mamma - without even knowing it!