"Real" people

[Frikkin Diego.]

Baxter was home sick today. Fever of 102. Will be home with him again tomorrow. If he's sick Friday, I'll bring him to UDel with me. I have an exam to give and he'll just have to be along for the ride. Annie's going to come over Sat to help so I can make up for at least a few hours of work lost finalizing the dissertation. I'll be fine. It's oddly nice to have to give everything up and take care of my boy. My sweet thang.

He was limp and pathetic this evening - though snuggly and so so charming. Carrie came over with dinner for me and then had the privilege of cleaning up Bax's vomit. Mmmmm. Thanks, Carrie. I owe you.

So, I before bed we sit in the rocker and say our goodnights. We did Grandma Lonia, Mimi and Poppy and Juju, and then I said, "What about daddy?" to which he usually replies, "Goodnight daddy on the moon!"

But lately during goodnights, he's been saying goodnight to Dora, Diego, the Backyardigans, his Juicy-cup, Taggie (his blanket), etc and if he starts in on that stuff before we do all the amazing people in our lives, I say, "No, Baxter. We say goodnight to 'real' people first."

So, tonight, when I asked him to say goodnight to daddy, he said, "No, mama. We say night to REAL people first."

My heart broke.

"Daddy is real. Daddy on the moon is real. Daddy's not in the TV. Daddy is real. He's just on the moon."

So, he said goodnight to daddy and then began talking about his balloon. Perhaps he was delirious. Let's hope.


FBL said...

Well, my only response to that is f-k, that is heartbreaking. Thinking of you and Bax. And Daddy on the moon. I was actually thinking about him a lot this morning on my way into work.

Love you.

Jenny said...

Danna -

If you have to bring Bax to school on Friday, give me a call. I'll hang out with him while you give your exam.


Dannagal said...

Jenny - you rock. I may just have to do it. He's so blechy. He asked to go down for nap at 11. antibiotics, get to work! brought him to the dr's this morning. ear infection on top of a respiratory virus --- yuck and yuck again.

Anonymous said...

Of course your heart was breaking, but I believe Baxter is just equating what's real with who can actually walk in the door and he knows and will always know that Daddy is "real".
Hope the little guy is feeling much better.

Jalena said...

Just checked in to see if you had a chance today to post how Bax is feeling. Nicholas had a cold last week which caused one day in the hospital, which also happened to be his 11th birthday. But thats how it goes in the cranio world. Jared has the flu this week. So, I know how you are feeling. I just want them all well!!

Anonymous said...

Hope he's feeling better. Mason had it last week and it's definitely no fun! Good luck with your dissertation. We'll be thinking of you!