Looking to spend 2 hours with a charming, though feverish red-head?

Bax was sent home yesterday from daycare with a fever. With a little tylenol he was fine all evening and woke up in the night cranky at 101 degrees. He's happy and charming, just needs to stay home from daycare. I'm looking to get maybe 2 hours of work done today. that's it. I hate the idea of parking bax in front of the tv to do my work... Was hoping there might be some Baxter-loving person out there with a super-strong immune system who might be able to come over and help me out. Child molesters need not apply.

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Anne said...

Danna - My kids were all sick today (and most of the week for that matter). After being up most of the night with one after the other, you better believe they were parked in front of the tv for more than 2 hours this afternoon. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get a call from child protective services and you won't either. :-)