Go out n' play.

[photos: (L)My son with his favorite comfort items - his wooden spoon and wisk. (R top) Bax eating egg-free muffin batter. (R bottom) Bax and Hazel on our way to Baby Disco last weekend.]

So, today is beautiful outside.
Went for a walk with Baxter – who’s still on the road to recovery. The hint of spring in the air changes
everything for me. Changes my energy level, my ambition, what I want to eat and how I want to spend my day. Crazy. I was even going to go buy pansies to plant, but Michelle got all “rainy parade” on my ass and told me it was going to be 30 next week. Thanks fo' nothin' neighbor! ;)

I’m really writing because I am feeling a sense of contentment with the person I’ve been getting to know over the past month or so.
So, I’m breaking my rule about not discussing my dating life on the blog. No, I’m not divulging details – but suffice it to say thinking about this person makes me feel happy. One date in mid-February for coffee – a month of emails, phone calls, and text messages, and dinner last night.

I am overwhelmed by how comfortable and peaceful it feels. I mean, I get a little nervous, but it’s easy and fun. And we don’t avoid the big issues (eg, dead husband, 2 year old son). So, that’s it. I am an uber-romantic, so I always get ahead of myself, but for now – in this moment – I am enjoying having a face to place beside my tomorrow.

Now, go outside and play.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. You deserve such happy times. You are someone very special and sweet. We all are pleased that Bax is improving. Put out the word if you need help. You and Bax are in our thoughts all the time.

Good luck with that dissertaion thing. Let us all know when that is done. Party time!

Anonymous said...

my advice to you...
go get a pedicure poste haste
in two weeks those little piggies
are gonna be down here seeing some
sandal and sand action!
can't wait to see you guys,

Anonymous said...

Aw Baxman. That kid is too cute for words. I agree that good weather can make anything feel a bit better...maybe not a sick 2 year old...but close. We're missing you down here in NC--but have been happy watching Soen run around in the sun nekkid. Good luck with the dissertation and keeping your students focused as spring fever hits. also, glad you found someone who is making you smile. yay.

Anonymous said...

Say, love the hat in the picture
Would you have a green one for the weekend?
Thinking of you both and love.


Jalena said...

Just too, too cute. Mike cooked, maybe its in the Baxman's genes? Be glad its a whisk and spoon. We knew a kid who wore one of those big green Tupperware colanders turned upside down on his head like a helmet til he was about 3. Talk about stares in stores!! The kid would go nowhere without it!! Glad the smile is back on his face and he is feeling better.