Kids and nurses do the darnedest things...

["Shubbeh" - a la Baxter... read on.]

I was on a coffee date this morning. Great guy. Smart, fun, and super-positive. At 32, he's one of the younger guys I've gone out with, but having survived cancer (no shit, right?) he's got some perspective - and a sort of peaceful chill way about him. Anyhow, point being, we get into a conversation about how freaking amazing people are. How being down in the shitter really shows you what people are made of. He tells me about his great nurses. I tell him about Mike's techs and nurses who cared for him day after day. ...

So, I get home today and there's a valentine's day card for me - signed by my favorite girls ever - the nurses and techs at JHN: Judi, Shamell, Camye, Martia, and Nicole. So freaking sweet. And Martia - you bet we're going to the zoo when the weather warms up. And Camye - I don't want to hear any of this b.s. about, "I don't DO zoos." Yes, they're filthy and full of smelly animals. But it'll be a damn good time. We'll get ice cream cones and hunt for handsome men in the crowd. Deal? 185cranios@gmail.com. Let's do it.


Now onto my cute cute boy:

The other day he asks me out of nowhere, "Mama, what're you thinking about?" When I then asked him what he was thinking about, he replied, "horses."

"And Baxter, what do you think that mama is thinking about?"

"Ummm... cows?"

I thought it was a fluke and that maybe I misunderstood the whole thing. But tonight, I put him in his crib for bed and we have the following conversation - that almost makes me pee my pants:

"Mama, what I knowing?"


"What is Baxter... What I thinking about?"

"What are you thinking about?"


"I don't know, babe -- you tell me? What are you thinking about?"

"I think 'bout balls. Elmo's balls."

Now i'm starting to crack up. "Elmo's balls? Awesome! What is he doing with them?"

"He jump in the balls.... and I think 'bout soccer balls."

"Cool. Soccer balls are good."

"And I think 'bout shubbehs"


"I think 'bout shubbehs."


"Yeah. Shovels. And dirt."

I'm laughing hard now. Baxter's smiling.

He continues, "Baxter eat dirt? Noooo... Baxter no eat dirt. Baxter get sick. Baxter eat crib? Nooooo. Baxter no eat crib. Baxter eat belly? Noooo. Baxter no eat belly."

Dude - my son: the king of non-sequitors.


'Nother tidbit. I've been playing Ben Folds' Rocking the Suburbs CD a lot and have been playing some of the songs on the piano.

At dinner last night, he starts singing, "Annie waits Annie waits Annie waits for a call."

And he's been rapping - gibberish rapping. Mike would be so proud. With a little sassy shimmy and shrug up and down of his left shoulder, he raps:

"Boo ditty dah, ditty boo boo bah. Biddy biddy boo biddy dah bah bah."

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Jalena said...

You may have a rock star on your hands!! Wouldnt that be something? And I like how this boy thinks!!! Deep thinking, I'd say, for a 2 year old!! If you think about how ones gets from Elmo's balls to shovels, its a hoot!!!