[March: busy busy freaking times. Help needed. See below.]

So, this post is really for business purposes more than anything. 1) I am finally ready to list all the random DVDs etc that need to be claimed by their rightful owners. These were items lent to Mike when he was at Jefferson. 2) With classes in full swing (200 student intro to Mass Comm course that I've never taught before and a 25 student senior seminar on media effects) I am in need of some help on the homefront.

DVDs to be claimed. Some of these may have been gifts to Mike. I don't know. Either way, I'm not going to watch them. So please take them:

  • Arrested Development season 2
  • Marx Brothers collection
  • Decalogue collection - deke, i think these are yours.
  • Clint Eastwood box set with 5 movies (the dirty harry series)
  • Cary grant dvd collection with 5 movies
  • Warcraft - reign of chaos video game
  • Planet of the apes box set
  • Battlestar gallactica season one
  • Once and Again Season One - this was ours but I don't want it... We watched this show religiously over popcorn and Dr. Pepper.
  • A bunch of comic books - which I think belong to Jason.

As for request #2: I'm already quite sleep deprived and March is going to be nuts. Bax is up at 6 every day. I teach MWF - leaving my house at 7:30 am, in my office at 9 am. I prep and teach my two classes, hold office hours leave campus at 4, get Baxman and am home around 5:30 pm. Bax goes to bed at 7:30 pm and I tool around - cleaning, laundry, bills, classwork - and yes, blogging - until 10 or sometimes 11. Time FO' Bed!

This is all fine, except now I have to do the final final revisions on the dissertation and prepare for my defense. Yes, the freaking dissertation defense is finally scheduled. Save the Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2007. Danna defends the diss - in public no less. Oy yoy yoy. I'll return to this in a moment.

Point being: Between teaching, thinking about prepping for the dissertaion defense and Baxter's occasional moments of major TWO-ness. I'm starting to feel the burn. I'm going to crash soon. Instead of hitting a wall, I figured I'd ask for help.

I know I could ask Annie or Susan or Michelle, but though I'd put it out for other good samaritans:
Is anyone able to or interested in coming over for a sleepover on a Fri or Sat night in March. I'll cook dinner (Yes, I cook now. One of the many fucked up ways that my universe had turned upside down since Mike died. Crock pot madness, chicken in a red wine marinade, stir fry, and many baked good from scratch out of his Cook's Illustrated Cookbooks - cookies, muffins, breads -- all egg free so bax won't go into anaphylactic shock). Anyhow: we have a nice visit in the evening, go to bed at a healthy hour, and YOU - you kind soul, you - get up with Bax and do the breakfast/hang in jammies playing and watching TV thing. And I sleep. That's it. I could also use that same help on a Mon or Wed night, too - in which case, you could get up with bax in the am and drive him to daycare.

Another form of help that I could use would be a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to come over so I can grab a little productive time in my office. like 1-5 or something.

Weekends I could use the help:
Fri/Sat March 2-3 (this friday-sat)
Fri/Sat March 9-10
Fri/Sat March 16-17
also Mon or Wed nights.

More info about the dissertaion defense: at 2 pm on Tuesday April 3, I make a public presentation of my arguments. Not sure for how long - maybe 30 -45 min? I'm guessing here. The defense will take place in a classroom at Annenberg. Then my 4-member committee gives the public audience the boot and grills me about my dissertation. Then, they give ME the boot. I wait and wait and bite off all my nails until they open the door, invite me back in, sit me down, and tell me my fate. Ta-Da. That's it.

Can you freaking imagine? April 4th I might just be Dr. Danna. And yes I will ask you to refer to me as such... ok... just for a day? please...?

love to you all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Danna:
Bax doesn't know me so he might not be so keen on a novel babysitter. But I can offer my services as a professor! I would be delighted to take over your classes on a Wednesday or Friday. You wouldn't need to be there to "host" me and I could tell the students everything I know about children and media. That would save you prep time and class time. I promise to show them lots of clips of the kids programs they grew up with (that always scores lots of points).
-- Amy J.
PS: I defended my dissertation (at Annenberg) when my oldest had just turned two as well. The anticipation is worse than the event, if that's any consolation at all.

Dannagal said...

Holy moly! that's an amazing offer, Amy! I will talk to you more about it. They would LOVE this!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I'd offer to talk to them, but I don't they'd be interested in herpes treatments and medical management of genital warts. Can you send Bax down to NC for a couple days? Probably not. Hmm. Well, though I have nothing to offer but moral support, know that I'm thinking of you and am very proud of all the amazing hard work you're doing! Love, Michaela.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the computer lab with my 4th graders and checked up on the blog. I know, I should be checking on them, and I am, just from my seat.

We are home this weekend, all weekend. I am home most Mondays after 4:30 and can help out whenever you need me. I can also get Bax to daycare. Becca and Jake would love it. Just drop Bax off and get what you need done, whether it's sleep or work. I'll call you later to see what you still need.

Loren, Art and the kids

Nicole Rodgers said...

Hi Danna,

I would love to help with Baxter sitting! I'm not sure Bax will remember me because I haven't seen him in a while, but if he's willing to hang with me, then I would love to entertain him.

I can offer crazy dancing, singing, snowball making and, as a bonus, a fuzzy spirited mutt who gets along brilliantly with kids (if Bax still likes dogs and that's a draw--if not, i'll leave her at home).

I know I can do March 9-10, but I will probably be able to do others too, depending on when you need coverage most.

Just email me (nsrodgers@yahoo.com) and let me know how i can help.


Beth said...

Thank God - I'd been wondering where my Warcraft - REIGN OF CHAOS video game was!!!!

Kevin and I could probably come over with the kiddo one of the afternoons of the 16th-17th, or maybe we could pick Bax up and take him to the Please Touch Museum or some other place he would like to go.

Let's chat in the next few days.


Dannagal said...

GEEEz Lou-iiiise. You guys are crazy! All of a sudden I go from overwhelmed with no help to overwhelmed with TONS of help. This is amazing. Here's my plan:

Amy, I'll be in touch about scheduling a time for you to make a brilliant guest appearance at UDel.

Michaela: I take your cyber hugs and embrace them and am living vicariously through your sunny skies of NC. Love you!

Loren, Bax would LOVE this, too. He talks about Jake and Becka all the time. Let's touch base about it in the next week or so. Seriously, your bringing him to daycare on a friday morning? Revolutionary!

Nicole: Bax would love time with Clemmy! Maybe a Sat or Sunday afternoon?

Beth: YOU are NUTS. You have a 2 month old who wails like a banchee through the night. I forbid you from helping me until June. That's that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danna!

I know Bax would definately not remember me considering he was what, 8 months old the last time I saw him? Anyway, if you ever need a sitter, like you said on one of those March weekends, or whenever for that matter, I'd be more than happy to come up! I'd love to see you guys anyway. Give me a call or an e-mail if you ever want to set something up :)

Sarah Moser

P.S. Thank you so much for all the great recomendations and references! I really appreciate it ♥

Anonymous said...

I look forward with great anticipation to the time when I may refer to you as "Dr. Young"
love, Dr. Young

beth said...

Ok Almost Dr. Danna - we'll take a babysitting raincheck til June. :)The swaddling cloths, however, continue to work like a freaking charm - the boy is asleep in his swing at this very moment. We'll see you on Sunday to drop off Bax's toys.



niki said...

Hey Danna... Anytime you need help with Bax.. Please give me a call or just talk to me at daycare.!
love Miss Niki

Anonymous said...

i am free this weekend while the missus studies for midterms! --t

Deke Young said...

The Battlestar Gallactica is mine.

Just bring it to Tampa!

Anonymous said...

The warcraft came from the McMani. If it migrated to CSZ, we'll catch up with it eventually! :)

Anonymous said...

Crazy Dooog and I would LOVE to come on a Friday for a sleepover. Perhaps the 16th...? Call me or e-me and we can discuss the dinner, cause I'm all about the food. (Maybe Beth could bring her beh-beh for dinner.) (To visit, not so we could eat the beh-beh.)