Bax's snowy day...

[Today - all suited up in snow gear.]

We got about 3 inches of snow here this afternoon... And with no tricks left up my sleeve for the baxman, I decided that playing in the snow was our last resort. He was in freaking toddler heaven. And, as usual, out of nowhere he just about broke my freaking heart.

I showed him how to make a snowball. We threw them out into the yard and at the trees. I explained to him that it was like that episode of "Little Bear" (cartoon) where they had a snowstorm and little bear and his dad had a snowball fight in the back yard.

After a couple minutes of him telling me what various objects to throw snowballs at, I gave him a big one that he held onto with his clumsy mittened-hands.

"I want to throw it up to the sky," he said thoughtfully.

"Well, it will come down, you know. Gravity and all."

"No mama, I throw it up to the sky. I throw it to Daddy." He looked at me with his big huge blue eyes through the sea of giant snowflakes falling between us. "Daddy catch it?"

I can't answer...

Bax continues... looking up into the crazy heavy snow falling into his lashes, he holds the snowball up with two hands like a priest offering the host. Seriously. It was freaking dramatic. He struggled to keep his eyes open, and looking straight up says, "Daddy, this is for you!"

"umm.... ok, Bax. You want me to do it? I can throw really high, bax. I'll throw it up to Daddy."

Huge grin - and he gives me the snowball. I make an exaggerated gesture preparing to throw the ball up to the sky, wait until the brief moment that he looks away, and throw the thing up and over out neighbors' fence.

"He got it, Bax! It didn't come down! He caught it!"

Baxter was so happy. He did a little dance and we went about our play.

So, after about 10 minutes, he pauses and says to me, "Little bear throw snowball at his daddy. Baxter want to throw snowball at Daddy, too."

yeah. sheeeeesh. Frikkin TV. Root of all pain-in-my-ass. And my livelihood. Dammit.

Fun weekend other than Baxter's moment of snowball drama. I did have tomtom and meh over friday night and cried hard for about 10 minutes out of missing Mike along with them. Then, Mary's shiny new ring caught my eye, and I literally broke from sobs to say, "Oooooh! What is THAT?"

We had quite a laugh. ADHD much? But that's how it is... In it one minute and out of it the next. Or, fine one minute and in the bottom of a deep well the next.

If I could just get someone nearby to always have a shiny object on hand... I think I'd be ok.


Jalena said...

I believe this is one of the sweetest things I have ever read. You go, Baxter. May you always want to share the special things, like snowballs, with your Dad.

Anonymous said...

I wish that I could follow you and sprinkle shiny objects at your feet. Alas...