Tuesday, 1/30 11 am

Hope you enjoy the new look. New Year, New Look. Inspired by Kirk Love.

So, Baxter has been saying and doing things that I must document - and what better place than right here.

Sunday night, I was about to read him "Blue's Best Rainy Day" (see cover at left). He looked and looked at the cover and said, "Mama! Whah happened? Umbrella broken."

"What do you mean it's broken?"

So, he points at the puddle under their feet and says, "Look. Puddle. Umbrella broken - water."

Now, seriously - how freaking logical is this? The umbrella MUST be broken if Blue and Magenta are under it and yet still standing in a puddle. So, I try to ease his concerns and say, "Maybe it was broken before, but now it's all fixed."

"Yeah," he says, "Steve fixed the umbrella." Steve is the real live guy on the show - so again - totally Freaking logical!

That same night, I put him in his crib. Each night I sing Rufus Wainwright's Natasha as I rub Bax's back. So, this night I put his little pillow with a pig on it in his crib with him. I asked if he was ready for me to sing Rufus to him and he said with a smile, "No, mama. Sing the piggie song."

"Piggie song? What piggie song?" He laughed and squinched his eyes and smiled and said, "I just kidding! Sing Natasha!"

Wild - wild wild wild to see his little mind starting to work like an actual person.


On another note, there is something that is totally totally annoying me right now. It was brought about by valentine's day. I was in Rite Aid, in the card aisle looking for - of a things - a sympathy card for my aunt. After a long battle with cancer, my uncle Bob passed away this weekend. Purchasing a sympathy card for someone else is a weird thing for me right now. I may have more to say about this later, but for now - all I can say is that it was weird.

Anyhow - I saw a whole display of Valentine's day cards. I am one of those lame people who has always loved Valentine's day. I love having someone to make something for or to do something for. I love having that person that I have a connection to. So, it hits me. I have no one to give a lovey Valentine's day card to. So, as Danna is wont to do - I begin brainstorming. There has to be someone that I could give a card to -- right? I ran through the various people I have been dating, the various people that I want to be dating, the various people I have dated in the past ---- WTF? No one. This, my friends, blows. Not helped by the fact that Mike and my first date ever was on February 13th, and as the clock ticked past midnight and I got in a cab to go home that night, we were both smiling, painfully aware of the fact that we were together on Valentine's day.

So, if you get a lovey Valentine's day card from me, don't be weirded out. Consider yourself my proxy for an object of Danna's romantic affection. Unless, of course, I have fallen in love with you by then, in which case... it's for real. Now wouldn't that be something.


Dina said...

I say bake Baxter a heart shaped cake and dive into it together. Could you ask for a better man? Smart, sweet, and devastatingly handsome. But seriously...I'm not a Valentine's Day person at all, but I can see where the first holidays without Mike, especially the ones you actually like celebrating, are probably going to suck. You've got a great network of supportive friends and I am sure that someone in your life who loves you is going to think of something fun for you to do for Valentines Day. I hope so with all my heart.

Anonymous said...

Dig the new look. You snuck that in on me, buckaroo. Tres Chic.

Valentine's Day. Ugh. Thanks for reminding me it's coming up. I'll just add it to the list of milestones we'll both survive. Now if you post that the ides of March got you down, then we'll you just have a problem. ;-)

PS: You really need to stop whispering my dogs name in Baxter's ear. I'm on to you and your super genius of a son.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea to redesign the site. We think it is great.

Anne said...

Hi Danna - i like the new look. Miss the old in some ways, but hey - I understand it's all about moving on, new year new things. The look does seem very Kirk too! But why does Bax know about Steve - isn't Joe the guy on BC now? :-) How about if you and Bax buy a box of those cartoony kids Valentines cards for all his friends and teachers in his class at HLC? Scooby Doo or something? Maybe even send some to your own friends. Valentines Day is one of those way overly commercialized holidays, Hallmark WANTS you to feel bad that you can't live up to it, and spend a lot of money on their stuff. Hmmm.. maybe you should make your cards. Big hugs, Anne

Anonymous said...

There are exactly 10 people who are happy on V-day. Everyone else is unhappy because they're not crazy in love or unhappy because they're alone. All the rest of the people (10 total) are happy.

Next year, those 10 will probably be on the unhappy side and 10 of us here on the unhappy side will be on the other side.

I'm not really this bitter (well, maybe a little) but it's such an emotionally manipulative holiday that it makes me angry.

So I'm more angry than bitter. Hallmark sux.

Love you D-gal. Always have, always will. And not just on V-day.