Winter Solstice

Photo: (c) William Hemmel

So, this is Hebron, NH, population 469. At the right is a summertime photo. Right now it's a little more bleak than that (see photo at top right taken this morning with my phone).

This is the little town where I spent every summer from age 4 until age 22. In fact, my dad likes to remind my that during the summer when I was 12, I didn't physically leave Hebron for 6 weeks. Not to go to the grocery store, not to go to a movie theater - nothing. Just biked around Hebron all day, to the beach, to my best friend Jenna's, to the town common ("downtown").

The town's General Store (which is still in operation) is over 200 years old (middle right) and the kids from town used to go to the one-room school house until a few years ago. The old school building is now our town hall (lower right).

Many of gravestones that you see behind the church in the aerial photo (top left) are from the 1600s. Whenever I walk through there I think, "What the f were people doing way up here way back then?" No idea.

This is where I will be spending Christmas. My parents have a beautiful house on 5.5 acres atop a hill that faces due west. Every night is a stunning sunset. I haven't been here since Baxter was 6 months old (July 4th, 2005). Even though I usually get all nostalgic and melancholy up here, surprisingly, this visit I'm not really feeling that way. Baxter's keeping us all busy and I've spent the last two days at the local university library finishing up the dissertation. Lonia (Mike's mom) will be joining us from the 23-26th. It will be fantastic to all be together.

Finally, as the end of the year is upon us and people are thinking about charitable donations, I wanted to remind people of several tax deductible donation opportunities:

The Mike Young Fund
Jefferson Foundation
925 Chestnut St. Suite. 110
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(towards various projects at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital where Mike spent over 14 weeks since November, 2005)

The American Brain Tumor Association
To donate online, click HERE
OR call (800) 886-2282 or download their printable donation form and send the completed form with your
check to: ABTA, 2720 River Road, Des Plaines, IL 60018.

Michael was also a generous supporter of many non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, our financial situation this year precludes us from donating to them. Perhaps you would consider one of these organizations. You could make a donation in memory if Mike Young.

American Civil Liberties Union
Doctors Without Borders
World Education
WHYY National Public Radio Philadelphia


Anonymous said...

It sounds like the perfect place for a Merry and Peaceful Christmas. We'll be there on the 24th. Kiss that Baxter for me.

Mary, Jim and the boys

Anonymous said...

Danna - you and Baxter are in our thoughts every day. I'm so glad you will all be together for the holiday - have a warm and Merry Christmas and give Baxter some extra hugs for us -

Love from Elvie and Don

alexis rocks your face said...

Merry Christmas to you. and hey, just saw you on Fresh Air with Jen and Tony. you were great!

Jalena said...

Looks like the very spot that Santa will find Baxter!!! Beautiful also!! Cant beat that. And we want Christmas pictures of our favorite little red head!! Merry Christmas to you both. May your hearts be full of joy for what you have which is each other and a loving family and not so heavy for what is missing because I think Michael will be there in spirit!!