Craziest Dream 12/23

So, for some reason up here in New Hampshire I have crazy dreams. Last night's was so insane.

I dreamt that we had decided just enough time had passed to look into mike's murder. Yes, murder. In my dream he had been killed by a gunshot wound to the head.

I think I was thinking about the shooting out in Amish country (one of the injured girls was recently released from the hospital)...

Anyhow, we narrowed it down to a list of 10 men, but we needed to find out which one was a Quaker. Cause it was the Quaker who killed Mike. But, no one could figure out how to learn the religious affiliation of these men.

Then I had an idea!!! Match.com! Duh! Religous affiliation (I almost wrote affliction... seriously. That would've been funny... to me) is one of the items on match.com profiles.

So, we looked on match.com for male Quakers and there he was.

But...there was a hitch. The guy wasn't even in the area the whole time Mike was sick. Hmmm...

And then, in my dream, that night on the local news, we watched a story about a pitbull who was trained in how to operate a handgun. He had injured multiple people in the Philadelphia area with his mad crazy handgun tricks. And his owner??? The QUAKER. The very man we had found on match.com.


So, the whole dream was about finding and blaming Mike's murderer and in the end it was a dog. A freaking dog.

At the very end of the dream, I started to wake up a little and I was like, "A dog? You asshole, it was a brain tumor. Not a gunshot wound from a pitbull."


Anonymous said...

oh your incredible brain.

I love you
and your amish, gun toting, pulp fiction watching, pet


MJC said...

{coffee-spitting laugh} I wonder if Mike sent you that dream....

Anonymous said...

Danna, on behalf of Quakers everywhere, I apologize for our psychopathic dogs and our killer ways.

love, your Friends with a capital F, Megan and the Hollingers

meh said...

hey danna,

i love your dreams!!! do you have cell phone reception up there? i've been leaving messages. gimme a call if you feel like it...