Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sunday and Monday were the longest two days of my life. Bax is a miserable little man who refused to eat or drink anything for two days. Miss Elizabeth from Haddon Learning Center heard the desperation in my voice yesterday at around 4:30 pm on a brief phone call. 20 minutes later, my doorbell rang. It was Annie, sent home early from work at HLC to help me. THANK YOU! She swept in, did laundry, made me laugh, validated my feelings that Baxter was like a little possessed demon and helped me pin him down to syringe feed him some freaking Pedialyte.

Hand foot and mouth is the devil. Bax gets such atrocious sores in his mouth and throat. Everything hurts. You name it and I've tried it. Everything from pudding to ice cream to popsicles to applesauce... By now, if I so much as look at him he gets mad because he thinks I'm going to try to put more "owies" in his mouth in the form of some new food concoction.

Today he appears to be a bit more congenial. At least he started off that way. He drank some diluted juice, ate like a giant giant bowl of ice cream and I brought him to the therapist with me. That was .... interesting. When I put him in the carseat to come home, he flipped out. Totally lost his shit. The past two days he's had the most insane tantrums - like running around like a wild animal, throwing himself down and against the walls.... It's crazy shit. The entire way home he was freaking out, trying to get out of the carseat. When I carried him inside the house, he flipped even more. I laid him down on the ground and he got up and hit me... hard. I tried to put him in timeout, but I feared he was about to throw himself over the stair banister. He was freaking crazy. Finally he screamed for his "taggie" and "butternut bear" from the playroom floor. I tossed him both of them and he snuggled up and... fell asleep. I shit you not. He NEVER does that. So right now, my son is sound asleep on the floor of the family room... coat still on, shoes on... hugging his bear and taggie. Saddest thing I've ever seen. But thank freaking god he's sleeping.

As I was discussing with my sister last night, I can do this whole single mom thing. I have it down to a science. I even got my head around how I could publish academic articles, teach, be a mom, and even exercise a couple of times a week. I had a little glimmer of my ability to actually DO all this. Then bax gets sick. If he or I get sick, the whole system is freaking shot to hell. But, I'm hoping the worst of it is over. Miss Elizabeth is sending help for me for a couple of hours tomorrow afternoon - to cover until Susan can get here at 5. So, at least I'll be able to get to campus to teach Wed night.

I'm supposed to be on Radio Times with Marty Mosse-Cowane on WHYY on friday with Jen Childs and Tony Braithwaite, plugging 1812's political satire holiday show "This is the Week that is" (1812productions.org) which I am dramaturg (sort of quasi-researcher ) for.... If I miss Marty's show, I will cry. hard.

Wish me luck, people. And mike - Given the November 7th victories, I have to assume you've got pull up there --- any chance you can get Baxter better?


Anonymous said...

Advice from a seasoned mom, never say never. Just when you think you have them figured out kids will surprise you. Poor little sweetie just had to do what he had to do, being so miserable and all.
Also, Bax falls asleep, that's your cue to lay down and rest!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww. Poor Baxman. Poor mama. I wish I could help you out, but I am afearin' for our newest wee one who seems to get every bug. Wash hands and eat ice cream!
Our Love,
3 McCormicks and a Murphy

The Brain said...

Thanks, all!
After nap #2 today, Bax seemed a little bit better. Ate another HUGE bowl of ice cream, then Susan came over with cantalope and watermelon which he liked. For dinner, he ate a real-fruit popsicle and we finally figured out that gatorade goes down just fine. THANK GOSH. He's still acting like a little bit of a punk, though. Hope that ends once the bug is gone. As everyone has been telling me: this too shall pass. After what I've been through this year, Baxter getting this virus shoudln't really be that taxing - but when I was with mike in the hospital every day, he wasn't agressive and beligerent like Baxter is right now. Freaking hand foot and mouth.

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful mother. It can be so hard when your little one is so sick and just plain miserable. Poor little guy. Sending all our love to you and Baxter - get well very soon Buddy!! We love you! Love and hugs, Jae-Jae & fam.

Anonymous said...

hang in there! Baxter will be better and you will feel better too. when he is fully recovered, he will eat like a hungry monster!

Anonymous said...

God, it sucks when they're sick. Even when you've got back-up, it just sucks. Cause they can't tell you exactly what's wrong, and they don't believe you when you tell them to do something that will make it better...they just hate life, and take it out on you. All you can do is breathe and wait for it to get better.

I hope you're eating some of that ice cream, too. I'll be listening for you on Radio Times this Friday. If you need a babysitter, I'm available--but don't you dare miss it. Let me know if you need the coverage.

xo Megan H.

The Brain said...

Thanks, everyone. I think (fingers crossed) our boy is back. He ate today, drank without tears, and was far more reasonable than Mon or Tues. I'm sending him to daycare tomorrow. Daycare? worth every penny. He thrives on the structure that it brings to him. I also think that it benefits him to not be the center of everyone's universe all freaking day long. After so many days sick at home with mama doting on him, he's going to have some reprogramming necessary.

SO glad to have our boy back. Thanks for all your love and support. x0x0x0

Sean said...

I heard you and Jen and Tony on Radio Times today. A very entertaining hour! I can't wait to see the show.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain Danna.... Although Mason (knock on wood, real wood, not the fake stuff my desk is made of) has not had hand, foot, and mouth he has had numerous ear infections resulting in tubes. He also managed to get pink eye and a virus in time for Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving night feeding him full of tylenol (sad that a child asks for "more" medicine when he's already had some) and cleaning up vomit. I then contracted his pink eye and a sore throat-all I can say is thank goodness for mom, she comes to help take care of him so I can go to work. I give you so much credit for managing it as well as you have!