I love voting.

I love it. love it. love it.

It makes me feel the same way I do after getting my teeth cleaned... or my car tuned up... or after I go to the gym... (or least from what i remember that that used to feel like).

Or back like 20 years ago when I was Catholic and I confessed those two times ("I'm called my sister a bad name. I'm sorry I was mean to my mom. I'm sorry I stuck the toothpicks in the plumbs on the kitchen counter and ripped the leaves off of Jae's jade plant while I was talking on the phone.") I left feeling wholesome, good, and full of self-efficacy.

It makes me feel good. For now.

Mike, if you have any say in this matter... See what you can do, ok? Talk to the people who have connections and see what you can do? Remember when you were in the hospital and you thought we were political insiders? Remember you thought we could pull some strings to change things in Washington? Well, I choose to believe that that was a premonition of sorts. And that now you have some pull.

So, Mike - don't spend your day tap dancing, eating pecan pie, playing video games and watching West Side Story (cause, if there is a heaven, and you're in it, I'm pretty positive that's how you spend your days). Instead, take a few minutes out of your day to make this Election Day a good one.

i love you, smoosher. love, smoosher


Jalena said...

I KNOW you know this but its what I learned the first day in freshman geography in junior high. It stuck!!! He told us if we didnt learn anything else that year, to learn this, "If you dont vote, you dont have a right to complain." and who wrote your geography book because it would be on a test one day!!! I actually remember and since I sometimes like to complain, (who me?), I always, always vote even if the only position is dog catcher or some other equally not top position thing. I'm glad you enjoy the priviledge as much as I do!!! Yep, Mike, we have a rather nasty political situation this time so if you could sway anyone to make the outcome go my way, I'd be much obliged!!!

Jalena said...

For the first time ever, everyone and every amendment I voted for this time won!! Thanks, Mike, if you had a hand in any of it!!

beth said...

Mike obviously took some time off from helping me get good on street parking spaces and all the other things he does for his peeps to kick some political ASS. Thanks Mike!



CSM said...

And -- as if he knew we wanted a cherry and sprinkles on top-- Rumsfeld is GONE!


Danna said...

... AND the SENATE? Looks like Mike had a busy couple of days...

we love you and miss you, smoosher.

Betsy said...

If it's heaven, Danna, then he is influencing political outcomes AND tap dancing at the same time!! Your description of Mike's perfect days cracked me up. Thinking of you often.

Michelle said...


I don't think you'll remember us, but this is Michelle from the audience at Comedy Sportz, Joe and I sat in the front row all the time and you guys moved many a piece of furniture every time we came. I was in a wheelchair and Joe is really tall. Well, I know you prolly have many of these but We just found out about Mike today and are SO sorry for his passing. I cried a few hours today. If there is anything we can do for you and your baby, please contact us. We loved mike as an actor and will miss him deeply. We will pray for you and him and Bax. If you'd like to keep in touch my e-mail is m.wetterling@verizon.net and my home phone is 856-722-9449. We are so sorry Danna.

In Peace,
Michelle Wetterling

P.S. I thought I'd share some good news. we are nearly 4 months pregnant!

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