Saturday, September 9, 2006 - 2 pm

It has been a busy, but satisfying week. Preparing for a teaching my class is quite rewarding and the students are sharp, engaged, and motivated. Baxter is a joy to be around. Grocery shopping, reading, folding laundry and driving in the car are all more fun with the Baxman around.

I've also been working on a prologue to the blog - which is probably why I haven't been posting on the blog itself. I've spent many hours furiously writing the backstory to this entire saga. I'm working with Curtis' literary agent now in the hopes that eventually Mike and I can share our story. Writing the prelude to the blog is cathartic and painful at the same time. Remembering how even before the madness of April - July, Mike's situation was never easy. Even after that first surgery he had to be rehospitalized. Then there was the month of February during which I watched Mike transform before my eyes, unaware of the changes taking place.

Writing about the beginning of this entire journey feels like the one missing piece - other than the missing piece that is Michael, of course.

I'm about to nap while Baxter naps. I actually worked out on my elliptical machine for the first time in 5 months. It felt great to get moving. This afternoon I head to tomtom and meh's for a slumber party and then tomorrow I'm hitting the Philly fringe with Kebbeh and Beth. My friends take care of me and keep me busy and lifted up. I love them all for that.

I leave you with this little thought I had as I was writing on my laptop in the sunshine in Washington Square Park on Friday. I jotted it down in a blank document to save it for my next blog entry:

"You know how when you look up at the sun and close your eyes you see a glow? A bright orange glow that ebbs and flows and darkens and brightens again. Well, I’ve decided that that is Michael. I feel like when I'm sitting in the sun and I close my eyes, Mike is kissing me. "


Anonymous said...

can someone please help Danna set up her webcam so I can see my adorable nephew live? it would be much appreciated!
Diana far away in florida...

Anonymous said...

'teary eyed'

Beautifully said...may Mike always be with you...