Friday, Sept 1, 2006

Thank you for all the thoughtful emails, letters, calls, and donations to Baxter. Sunday was such an amazing night, i've geen riding the high of it all week.

This week was like being thrown into the deep end. On monday, I had an afternoon-long faculty meeting at UDel. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on the syllabus for my new course. Wednesday night I taught my class at UDel. Thursday morning, I presented a paper with a colleague of mine at the american political science associaton meeting which is happening here in philly this year. Today was filled with meetings and ended with the political communications reception in the evening.

Tomorrow, Julie and baby jack are taking Bax and me to the Jersey Shore. We'll be in Ocean City from Saturday until Monday. What a wonderful idea to get away for the weekend...

Thank you and love to you all,
I mean it.


Jalena said...

Busy is probably good, this week especially, You didnt have time for a big letdown after the show, so to speak. No getting up and saying, "What am I going to do today". You had more than enough!!! I hope you and Bax have the best time at the shore. You deserve a great weekend. Enjoy.

Dritsas said...

The shore is one of Dr. Itsas' sure fire medications! I approve. Hopefully Ernesto won't give you too much trouble.

csm said...

hope you all are having fun. i can't wait to see baxter next weds... he is the highlight of my week... what a great way to break up my week!


Arizona Kate said...

You and Lauren did an excellent job at the conference. And your response to Dr. Hart during the Q&A was smart and articulate.
Well done!
== Kate