Wednesday, August 9, 2006 - 11:30 pm. I need to go to bed earlier. This is way too late.

[(L) At Sasha and Dee’s wedding, from Marianne; (R) Bad Hair promo shot, from DonDon]

Thank you for the great photos that are coming in via email. One thought that’s been driving me crazy lately is that I’ll never have the opportunity to have a new memory of Michael. I’ll never hear him make a new joke or say something sweet to me. But, through these photos – many of which I’ve never seen – I am having the chance to make new memories of him even without him here.


Note to generous folks sending money to Baxter’s education fund: I’ve talked with a friend who specializes in non-profit law. She said it’s important that people make checks out to Baxter Young Education Fund – or simply Baxter Young. Using the term “Charity Fund” has particular implications, and since Bax isn’t really a charity, you can’t use that language. And please use the following address: P.O. Box 233, Collingswood, NJ 08108. Your generosity towards Bax and me has been and continues to be amazing. We are so very lucky.


And, coming on the heels of my visit with the financial planner yesterday, your generosity is super helpful. It looks like I’m going to need to supplement our income with the small bit of life insurance money we received. Then, in a couple of years when (or if) that insurance money is gone, I’ll need to bring in income from Mike’s 401K which I’ll need to roll into an IRA. Or something like that. Ask Mary Javian. She was there with me and knew a hell of a lot more about our finances than I did. I asked her to look through our finances before the meeting with the planner and thank god I did. The conversation looked something like this:

Financial Advisor: “So, you own your home?”

Danna: “Yes.”

FA: “What’s your mortgage?”

Danna: “Ummm… each month? Or total? With taxes?”

Then… he asks me, “What’s your rate?” I shrug and look to Mary who jumps in.

Mary: “5.5”

FA to Danna: “Good. Now is that a 30 year fixed?”

[Again, Danna with the blank look, turns to Mary.]

Mary quickly replies, “Yes.”

Needless to say, when I made our appointment for next week when he's going to give me some options... he suggested Mary accompany me.


And, because I’m exhausted, here’s my last question of the day:

Can you put feelers out for people in need of a full or part-time live-out nanny in South Jersey (haddon area)? One thing that Elizabeth from Haddon Learning Center suggested was that perhaps Lonia could work as a nanny in someone’s home and bring Baxter there with her during the day. Lonia doesn’t think that situation will present itself – but we won’t know until we try.


Anonymous said...

You should check Craigslist on a regular basis to see if anyone is looking for a nanny. There's a Craiglist site for NJ, but you'll probably have better luck on the Philly site, as the NJ site tends to focus on north Jersey. Just go to either of these pages and type in "nanny" or "childcare" or whatever and a lot of listings will pop up.


You can also post a free add to offer her services.

Jalena said...

I cant believe I didnt think of Craigslist. My son uses it to advertise for people to work for him and gets lots of responses. NOT all are who he wants, she says laughing, but lots of activity there!! Also, the picture of you and Mike, with you pregnant,is a great one. Baxter will love that one, I'm sure, when he is older and can appreciate how happy his parents looked while waiting for his arrival!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely check Cragslist but also think about some homegrown places where people advertise these things. Bulletin boards at Whole Fields, Wegmans, Bryn Mawr Birth Center, local La Leche league (your local LLL contact's name and number: Connie - 856-795-8554)...

Ask your daycare if they are booked and could offer Lonia's services to potential clients. We hired our nanny from a bulleting board ad I posted at the local grocery store. But we also interviewed Craigslist people.

Let me know how I can help.