Wednesday, August 2, 2006 - Show is selling out.

Dear... family, present and past CSzers, friends, DiscMakers folks, Penn Alumni, Wiggers, Without a Netters, Annenbergers, UDelawarers, and of course all Jefferson and Magee nurses, therapists, techs and doctors --

Ok, so technically World Cafe Live has the entire show listed at SOLD OUT... BUT, they have yet to open up the 50 Mezzanine tickets. I think they may also release more general admission tickets for purchase, but I'm not sure. So, keep trying and keep checking in here on the blog. Cause for sure within the next 24 hours, the 50 Mezzanine tix will come available.

This is insane.

love you, danna

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Jalena said...

I think its wonderful the tickets are going so quickly. What a tribute to Mike that everyone wants to be there!!!