Wednesday, Aug 2, 2006 - SHOW TIX and CHEAP DIGS!

They opened up the Mezzanine tickets tonight. (Thanks for the heads up, Liz!) The tickets on the Mezzanine are already almost gone, though ($#&*?) - so move fast - go to WorldCafeLive.com . However, they also made additional general admission tix available for purchase.

So, tix are still available for the show... but who knows for how long.

I was just informed that someone who had had tix for table 404 on the floor switched out for tables in the mezzanine, so table 404 for 6 people is now available - along with a few seats upstairs.

Remember, general admission tix say, "standing room only" but that is a misnomer. There are lots of theater seats available.

If you learn that tix are sold out (again), you must email me at 185cranios@gmail.com.


DISCOUNT HOTEL (thanks to Maria! yay!)

The Windsor Hotel at 17th and the Parkway is offering a discounted rate of $59 per night (!) to folks attending the bash. To get the rate, you need to call the Hotel Windsor directly at 215-981-5678 and ask for reservations. You should request the BigBash rate (all one word "BigBash"), which will be $59/night and available on Friday, August 25th; Saturday, August 26th, and Sunday, August 27th. There’s a parking garage attached and the rate for that is $24/night and the pool on the roof is open.
If people want to visit the website, it’s www.windsorhotel.com.


Sandra said...

hiya Danna, great to see the show selling out so fast! i was just thinking a crazy thing - would a webcast be out of the question?

The Rosses said...

Hi Danna, we are just home from 3 weeks of sailing and I was getting caught up on your blog. We are SOOO sorry about Mike. What a couageous battle on all your parts.

I hope you will print up your blog as it is such a beautiful love story and will be wonderful for Baxter to have when he is older. Our thoughts are with you during this very horrific time.

Your celebration sounds like a wonderful idea. So glad you have such a circle of caring friends.

Love to you and Baxter. Jim, Donna (and Jason and Mandi and Steve) oxxo