Wednesay, August 16, 2006 - 10:00 pm

Just a reminder about the discounted hotel available for the weekend of August 25-28:

The Windsor Hotel at 17th and the Parkway is offering a discounted rate of $59 per night (!) to folks attending the bash. To get the rate, you need to call the Hotel Windsor directly at 215-981-5678 and ask for reservations. You should request the BigBash rate (all one word "BigBash"), which will be $59/night and available on Friday, August 25th; Saturday, August 26th, and Sunday, August 27th. There’s a parking garage attached and the rate for that is $24/night and the pool on the roof is open.
If people want to visit the website, it’s www.windsorhotel.com.


Yesterday was a difficult day. Heide and I went to the funeral home to pick up "Mike." Randy met us in the parking lot and brought us into the parlor in the front of the building. After about 10 minutes of conversation, Randy placed the cardboard box on the little coffee table in front of us. "Here is Mike." I couldn't bring myself to reach for it. I just looked and sobbed, hung my head and cried silently into my chest until Heide handed me a designer Kleenex from her bag. After more tears than I had shed in about a week, Randy handed me the box of ashes and Heide and I walked to the car.

I'm glad that Jenny SG prepared me for the experience of picking up the cremains inside a cardboard container that weighs a heck of a lot more than you would think it does. It was quite heavy. I almost found that comforting, though. Perhaps because it meant that he was really in there.

In spite of the horror of holding my vibrant, funny, irreverent husband inside a 10" X 4" X 6" box, it was nice to feel that he was with me, but without that devestating illness. I needed that month to get my shit together before I could retrieve his ashes. I was so angry at his body for failing him that I couldn't stomach the thought of bringing them into our home. I certainly couldn't imagine referring to the box as "Mike."

But, when Randy placed the box on the coffee table, I felt like it was a reunion with my smoosher.

Heide then dropped me off at the garage where Harvey (Mike's 96 Saturn) was getting a new muffler and tune up in preparation for his sale to folks from ComedySportz Indianapolis. I unlocked Harvey and placed "Mike" on the passenger seat. He and I drove home listening to the first mix that he ever made me in 2000.


Anonymous said...

No words....just BIG HUGS, Danna!!!

Jalena said...

I'll second that. A hard day but one that was necessary. Glad he got one last ride in Harvey. Somewhere he was smiling.

Jenny S-G said...

Sending you a huge hug, Danna.

Anonymous said...

ditto all of the above. xoxox, t