Thursday, August 17, 2006 - 2:00 pm

Couple of random details about the August 27th Tribute show:

Only 38 general admission (standing room only) tickets are left for the tribute - and I think they had a total of 400 available.

Thank you to Alex S. who found and hired a videographer for this event. Not only will the videographer be taping the entire show, but he will also be filming friends/coworkers/family of Mike's who have a few words to say into the camera. The intention is for Baxter to be able to get to know Mike through the anecdotes of people who loved him. Of course, you could always write down meaningful ditties about Mike that I will then save for Baxter (some of you already have), but this is an opportunity to just say something into the camera .

The videographer will be there when doors open at 6 pm. If you would like to say a few words to end up on the DVD that will eventually be Baxters, please do. I believe the videographer will be set up in the lobby area. I figured people might want a heads up that they will have this opportunity to do this at the event, so that over the next week or so you could be brainstorming.

If you do not have a reserved table seat for the tribute show, you could always make reservations for dinner at "upstairs live" restaurant to eat before the show. If I were you, I would enter the venue at 6 pm, stake out seats, then go up to eat dinner and return for the show at 7:25 pm. For reservations, call 215.222.1400.

Also - A huge CONGRATULATIONS to ComedySportz Philadlephia for the honorary award they will be receiving at the Barrymore Awards this year for their 15 year contribution to the Philadelphia Theater Scene through improv! Mike would be so freaking psyched. Mike is so freaking psyched. Unless where he is is way more super fun than here, in which case he might be preoccupied.

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beth said...

Nah, even if it is way more super fun where he is, he's still freaking psyched!!

As one of your "loyal fanz" lo these many years, and of course as Kebbe's wife, I am so happy for CSZ. It is so well deserved!

I've probably told you this before, but the whole reason I got back involved with improv ten years ago, and through all that met Kevin, is because I met Mike at a party at Dave and Tom's old aparment (the guy I was dating at the time was a friend of Tom's). This guy was leaving town, and I must have been yakking Mike's ear off about looking for stuff to occupy my time once he left, and I must have yakked some more about having done improv growing up, and Mike suggested I take the CSZ basic class starting that fall. If Mike had only known then how much more yakking of mine he would have to listen to over the years, he may never suggested I take the class!! :)