Saturday, August 5, 2006 - midnight

Thank you to all who replied to my desperate post in need of help on various fronts. It seems will still have a lot of research to do into childcare regulations... but we'll get there.

Ever since Lonia and I spoke this morning and she expressed her desire to come here to help Bax and me, I've felt so much lighter. She and I need each other right now and it almost seems silly for us to be apart. Yes, it's going to take some adjusting for her to live here - but we'll work it out. I know it's the right thing for us to do because after she told me that she's going to try to come here, Bax and I ate lunch and both took a restful two hour nap. I felt so refreshed afterwards - and calm.

Yes, life is going to be different from what I had imagined. But, that's life. And the thought of having Lonia here with Baxter and me makes me feel close to Michael. And she's said the same about how she feels being with us.

And most importantly, Baxter LOVES his Grandma. She's been back in Ohio for like 2 weeks, and yet, still... when Bax gets up in the morning and starts to go down the stairs to get breakfast with me, he stops and says, "Grandma? Downstairs?" And each morning I sadly have to say no.


Anonymous said...

If Jess needs a hand with the door let me know and I'll try and set soming up.

Mario F

Anonymous said...

I hope you, Baxter, and Lonia will have many blessings in this new phase of your lives. It is wonderful that each of you will bond further and have less loneliness by creating a new family structure. Many children today are raised through graduation and beyond by mommy and grand-mommy. Out of this infinitely sad situation will come a new version of happiness for each of you.

Although Lonia is sacrificing a dependable, well-compensated job and a charming home – I am sure that these mean nothing in comparison to living with you and Baxter and being a part of your daily lives. I wish you all a very happy future together for a long, long time to come. I accept and honor this long-term and permanent commitment between you and Lonia.

Hope your plans work out as per your best intentions. They should – as I trust you will both keep each other’s best interests in your hearts.

Baxter will have the daily love of a mommy and bonus mommy too. How very lucky for him to have the two of you in his life. Many hugs & kisses! -Victoria

Don said...


Glad to hear the Lonia is coming back to stay. I know you really wanted that for both your and Baxter's sake.

Glad it's working out!