In need of some help. Sat Aug 5, 2006

I have a bunch of things that I need a little help with.

1) Researching airfares for Lonia to fly from Cleveland, OH to Philly for the weekend of Mike's celebration. Probably flying in either Friday night (Aug 25) or Sat morning (Aug 26) and flying back on Monday, Aug 28th. Cheap - non-stop.

2) Researching the regulations on in-home childcare in Haddon Township, NJ. Lonia is looking to move here. She will be staying with us for a while and hopes to care for children here in our home. While we L.O.V.E. Haddon Learning Center, we will probably be taking Bax out and keeping him here with Grandma and paying her for childcare so that she has an income here. There are several other friends who have expressed interest in Lonia caring for their kids (after all, she is absolutely amazing with little people). The question is, if Lonia took care of 3-5 kids in my home, in order to be over the table and legal etc, what are the rules (if any)? Are their laws about inspections, number of entrances, number of kids etc? I just need someone to get all the info and see if she'll need a license to do this in our home for 3-5 children.

3) Asking around and keeping your eyes open to see if anyone in the Westmont area has an apartment or in-law suite that they would be willing to rent or offer to Lonia for very little money. She will be staying with us for a while, but obviously, both of us would like her to have her own space.

4) Someone handy to come and replace my miniature basement door that's pretty rotten.

I'm sure there's more that I need help with, but I can't think of anything right now. Thanks in advance.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Danna and Bax


Deke Young said...

Nothing is ever simple.


Watching a grandchild is very different than watching other children.

Watching children in another home is different from watching children in thier home.

NJ is not Ohio.

CSM said...

suggestion... does anyone out there have a lot of frequent flier miles they can GIVE to Lonia??? Just a thought (instead of her having to pay for a tix). Or... free travel from a credit card??? with all the folks looking at this blog... maybe someone has some extra that might be expiring soon??? just a thought... i wish i had some to give... maybe my sister does... i can ask her

Anonymous said...

Just a FYI, anyone that might be excited about getting a free ticket with their ffmiles, check it out first, many times the miles are not transferable to anyone other than the person who's name is on the account.

Anonymous said...

The best price I can find for non-stop flights for those dates is $258 -- US Airways has the most choices in terms of times.

Jenny L.

The Brain said...

Thanks, Jenny! $258 is pretty cheap, actually.

Anonymous said...

I can take a look at your basement door next week when I bring Da Pooch to visit Da Bax.


Anonymous said...

Soutwest flies non-stop to Baltimore.
Those dates 108. roundtrip.
The shuttle bus to the train station is effortless and could train into 30th St. Station.
(not sure of the fare for Amtrak)

Anonymous said...

HI Danna- You don't know me, but I have become intrigued, inspired, emotional and so much more from reading your blog. CSM lead me to it a while ago. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I am more than willing to get Lonia a ticket with my miles. I am currently researching on line to see the rules behind transferance of these ticket types. Please let me know if this is somehting you are interested in. I would be honored to help. I guess leave a comment...

Anonymous said...

OK, so it is me-the miles ticket girl-apparently you CAN transfer a ticket and I CAN get Lonia one and there are good times that look like what you want. Also, my boyfriend is a lawyer (and is certified in new jersey) and I asked him to look into the child care situation...

The Brain said...

Dear anonymous wonderful person... YES! I would love to have you purchase a ticket for Lonia with your miles. Her name is Lonia Young. If you want to email me outside of the blog, please do - 185cranios@gmail.com.

Thank you so much. This is a huge help.

Anonymous said...

As far as getting Lonia an apartment when she moves here, I think I might have a lead. Even if my lead pans out, just ride thru Collingswood, Haddon Twp, and Haddonfield, there are always signs up for apts for rent in some of the big, older houses. I will check into my lead on Monday at work.
XOXO to you and Baxter,


csm said...

dear anonymous person,
if you are who i think you are... WOW. you are amazing. thank you for being so kind.

love, csm

Peter said...

The Manual of Requirements is involved, but it seems do-able. Someone who is licensed to practice in NJ should shepherd this thing through. If the Sponsoring Organization (a contractor of the State of New Jersey, apparently) finds Lonia and the house in compliance with the regulations, it must issue the Certificate of Registration, according to my read. My cursory review didn't reveal anything that was an evident deal-breaker. So it's not simple given the wordiness of the regs, but it's do-able, seems to me. Danna if Lonia wants help finding someone in NJ to do this, let me know and I'll see who I can find. Maybe we can find a volunteer to do this pro bono.