yes, maybe it's weird, but...

I'm looking to sell Mike's car. Our insurance is up on August 22nd and I would like to have the car in someone else's hands before then so I can save a bit of money.

You can either think of this as weird - or - in the spirit of Mike's inappropriate humor - darkly funny.

It's a 1996 Saturn SL2 with 91,000 miles. Color: maroon

VIN: 1G8ZK525TZ320286

There's a small area on the front left bumber where the paint is scratched and the bumper is dented.

The car rides a little rough right now, but I think it's from lack of use. It's been a great car for us and has always been a reliable vehicle. Has gotten us to New Hampshire and back like 10 times.

Low end on blue book value is about $1500. However, I'm looking for whatever I can get - I'll consider all offers, even those below (even waaayy below) $1000. Truly, my main goal isn't making money from the sale of the car, but saving money on the car insurance which is about $800/year.

Email 185cranios@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Dana-- Call me at HLC today after 9:00am. I have an idea that sold my VW in a week. No trouble and a Very NICE person delt with almost everything. Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Danna, You may want to consider donating the vehicle to charity and writing off the value on your taxes next year. Many organizations that deal with this will actually come to your house to pick up the vehicle. For sample, go to: http://www.donate-car-for-charity.com/google/donationform.cfm
Love and hugs to you and Bax,
xoxoxo Jae

V said...

Donating a car is quick and easy. But, you might want to drive the Saturn to the University of Delaware and park it in a location near the dorms where students/parents will see the FOR SALE sign. Or, put an ad in the student newspaper and post a FOR SALE sign w/picture in your department - the Saturn would be a good second car for an assistant, grad student, staff member, or department spouse. Saturns are basic cars with super MPG and yours is a great bargin too. Good luck. Hugs & kisses!

The Brain said...

Thanks, All! I've already gotten 3 great offers! Will let you know verdict soon.

Blogger said...

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