World Cafe Live Tickets Available - but boy is the setup confusing...

Tix are available for purchase... Either call: 215.222.1400 OR go online to: Get tickets here.

But... bear with me. This is confusing.

The illustration above left is what you will see if you choose to buy a ticket for a seat at a table for Sunday Aug 27th. You will soon find yourself frustrated that most of the best tables appear to be already marked "unavailable." The five tables you see way down in front and center are all marked "Unavailable" as are the four tables in the second row center (just in front of the audio console).

HOWEVER, this is waaay misleading. Not only are these "tables" not unavailable... they're not even really tables at all! --- see... told you it was confusing. Ok, so, the online system does not have the capacity to illustrate a mix of theater and reserved table seating. There is no graphic to show partial theater seating. So, Andy, their web-guy, did some creative thinking and instead, used table icons marked "Unavailable" as a way of reserving the area of floor space that will actually be taken up by theater seats.

Everyone get this? It means that in reality, when you get to the venue, the area of the floor that appears to be taken up by the 5 (8 person) front tables and 4 (10 person) second row tables is actually theater style seating available to those with general admission tickets.

This is important because if you are interested in buying a general admission ticket, you might think, "Well, where the heck is there to sit if I have a general admission ticket? It looks like the only place is standing room only and that stinks!" Ah-ha! But no! you see? In reality, all that front and center space on the floor that appears to be "sold out table seats" is actually available for general admission ticket buyers!



So, if you don't need a table (and remember, bar service is available to ALL - even those with general admission tix, and there will be a heck of a lot of mingling, so don't fear the General Admission ticket) then go to the world cafe live website and simply purchase tix where it says "quick pick" tickets. Quick Pick Tickets are general admission.

Right now, they only have 50 general admission tickets available for purchase. This is because the webguy needs to powwow with the general manager to get an accurate estimate of the capacity of the space with the current seating arrangement. This "powwow" will happen tomorrow and more GA tickets will be available for purchase then.

Finally, the upstairs Mezzanine (which is all reserved seating) is all on hold. I'm saving it aside (all 50 seats of it) to be certain that everyone we know has ticket. The seats up here are great and it feels a bit like a VIP club - so if you don't get a ticket, fret not. You've got a seat.

Thanks for bearing with me through this bologna. I think we've got it. Now - go get your tix for the best freaking party of the year!!




francine said...

so...I just ordered two general admission tix, and it said standing room only. But I think really those are SEATS. (i hope?)... :)

The Brain said...

Yes, Francine - they are really SEATS. No worries. You have seats. Real honest to goodness seats - with backs and everything.


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