Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Thank gosh for amazing friends.

Yesterday, Susan picked up bax at daycare and brought him home around five to find me lying in bed with a 102 fever (even with the Rx motrin...). She ordered me (would not accept no for an answer) into a cold bath (not lukewarm, but freaking cold), and made me put an icepack on my neck. After about a 1/2 hour in the tub with Susan pouring cold water down my back (aka: torture), my temp was down to 99. She helped me with Bax, together we bathed him and got him to bed at 8. She ordered chinese food and spent the night in case I needed help with Baxter in the night. She is an amazing friend.

I think she got me better, too - cause my fever has yet to return... ever since the cold bath from hell it's been under control.

Want to hear something gross? My tonsils are like rotting in my throat. Since Susan is slightly weird like I am, I made her look in my mouth. Though horrified, she was like, "Cool! Let's go get a flashlight!"

Today titi sasha and titi dee picked up bax for his day o' fun. I have been telling him about the fun to come with the titis throughout the afternoon yesterday and this morning. He was psyched to see them and did not flinch an inch as they escorted him out the door. He walked to the door, turned around, waved, and said, "bye bye mama!" and then was happy as a clam waving to me through the window of their car pulling away from the curb.

I caved and finally asked for help and everyone delivered - including my sister who is packing up Kylee and Maisy (dog) to drive down here to stay for a week or so. I keep thinking I don't have any actual "tasks" for people to complete to help me out - but I need emotional support. I need the safety of knowing it's not all on me all the time. I love the fact that Jae's going to be here. Lonia will be here in just a couple weeks, too, and hopefully we can dig further into the option of her moving out here from Cleveland.

Off to bed for the afternoon. These rotting tonsils need rest.


csm said...

don't be nominating me for sainthood anytime soon. she failed to mention that i couldn't get the car seat in or out (thank u mr. dad at daycare and mr. firemen), that I drove over the parking spot pavers with Baxter in the car and that I almost set the toaster on fire while warming up spare ribs (the bag said to put the WHOLE THING in at 350)... for those of you with a sick curiosity for medical pix... this is sorta what the tonsils in question look like. YUM! - csm


Kel said...

OMG! I am SO glad you have some help today. CSM you ROCK regardless of what yousay.

It's no fun to have strep in any case but I'm sure this is the last thing you need/want in your life.

Di, Jess and I are headed over to vist Mikey this afternoon.

Hang in there.

The Brain said...

CSM - you sicko! how did you find that disgusting photo?? Yes, indeed, - those are my tonsils. gross.

The Brain said...

Thanks, Kel!

Give mike a huge smooch for me, ok? I'll see him soon. If you could write a little post about how the visit goes, that would be great, too. Don't be surprised if he's in therapy while you're there - the sessions are short - like 1/2 hour, so if you hang a bit you can spend time with him.


Diane C said...

Yo Danna, Jess, Kelly and I are back from seeing Mr. Mike at Magee--he looked great, had some cool cowboy print shorts on. We got there about 1.5 hrs before Mike's 3:45 therapy so we got to spend a lot of time with him. Kevin also dropped by for about 20 mins while we were there.

We told him you had strep throat and so you weren't up for seeing him today.

There was a little party on the 6th floor and we all went up there and had some refreshments. Mike told us what he wanted in terms of food and beverage choices and he was able to handle a glass of Coke and some cookies really well.

All during the visit Mike was very engaged, laughing at stuff and enjoying the visit. In my opinion he was much more direction oriented, looking at each person, turning his head to follow who was talking, etc.

One downer was that when asked him if he knew what day it was, he wasn't able to tell us what holiday it was without prompting.

He did know he had 2 cats at one time, but didn't know he still had one, so it looked like some stuff was a bit fuzzy today.

Since I haven't seen him since he's been at Magee, I thought he looked awfully damn good and his mood seems upbeat and I told him so. I told him to continue the good work, it looked like it was paying dividends and he seemed very pleased to hear that. It's hard to believe he had surgery on Friday and he's where he's at right now.

Hope YOU'RE feeling better; I used to get strep all the time until I got my tonsils out in my 20's.

Take it easy, sweetie,


The Brain said...

Di - thanks for such an uplifting post. I think that perhaps many of our friends are right - that maybe I've been on my way to getting sick over tha past few days and my pessimism was more a reflection of my own condition than mike's. So, thanks for the objective eye.

And yes, I'm afraid that getting my tonsils out has crossed my mind a bunch of times. It would make life a bit easier.

I'm so glad you got a nice stay with mike. It sounds like it was fun and i'm sure he enjoyed the company and the laughs. Thank you so much for taking the time to see him. I know I say it all the time, but having friends visit when i'm not there means an awful lot.

love you,

Vania & Bill Richardson said...

Danna, Baxter and oh, so many friends who are by your side during this difficult time; we send you our heartfelt words of love and concern, that God may be with you and your family. Scott and Liz have kept us informed all along and we have so wished,"we" could do something to help. Please take care of yourself and Baxter; God watch over you both and bring a joyful peace to Mike.