Tuesday July 25 - Wonderful feature obituary for Mike in the Philly Inquirer

Check out the wonderful feature obituary for Mike in today's Inquirer:


*You can actually scroll down below the Inquirer story and post a comment on their website if you would like.

The online story also includes a link to Mike playing 7 things in a ComedySportz show.

DonDon also uploaded "The Mustache Song" (to YouTube) Performed by BAD HAIR performers: Jason, Kevin, Mike, and Johnny (L-R) in the fringe show. This song was inspired by a musical oeuvre written by one Peter Kohn while they were in Mask and Wig together at Penn. The current plan for the fantastic Celebration (to be held in late august at World Cafe Live) is for Peter to perform this number with the Bad Hair fellows.


CSM said...

What a way to start my day! That was an awesome clip. His hair looks esp. floppy... (and D-- love the kidney stone bit. Having had one in my lifetime, I'd say you nailed it). THANKS! Love, Susan

Michaela said...

Danna...I was just having a moment yesterday of remembering Mike up here at Martha's Vineyard...relaxing on the deck with his feet up in the lounge chair. It's sad being away from you and Bax right now, but nice because I still can picture Mike happy and slightly tanned right here--making dinner and laughing over games of mafia.
I love you,
call if you need.

Fred Andersen said...

This is just to let you know my thoughts are with you. I spent many, many wonderful days... nights... hours working and socializing with Mike thru CSz. I had been back in Philly only a short while (in early '95) from L.A. where I had gone through my own bout of loss, and CSz was a Godsend. Every one of them. But specially Mike.

As happens lives diverge and go off in different directions, but over the years after I left CSz Mike kept in touch, kept entering my life for a little while, along with many others. And then a long gap. And now this. My heart's really broken.

So... well... Please let me know if you need anything. Can't imagine what it would be, but please do. If you do. Many people can put you in touch.

With love,
Fred A.

Julia said...

Thanks for publishing that link! 7 Thingz made me laugh out loud. It was great seeing Mike performing with gusto surrounded by his friends. I'm glad it was included with the obit.