Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - 2:40 am

2:45 am: Just got off the phone with Dr. Andrews who just finished operating on Michael. The collection that they saw on the MRI underneath the skull was a blood clot.

When they operated they found that Mike had a blood clot on the surface of his brain pressing the entire brain to the right. Andrews, like Evans, used the expression "non-compliant" to describe Mike's brain - meaning that there isn't a lot of give. So, the "impressive" 2 cm midline shift they saw on the scans as a result of the clot went a long way in affecting Mike's neurological condition. They just removed the clot and the bone flap over the front left side.

When I asked how that could be responsible for the irregularities in heart rate and breathing, he explained that that kind of pressure and shift would affect his global consciousness as well as central nervous system functioning.

The clot probably grew earlier today when his blood was showing signs of entering into DIC. They still cannot tell me definitively why the blood began doing this. The strongest theory right now is that it was a reaction to the heparin (blood thinner) he was receiving to prevent clots in his legs.

So, the big questions: Will Mike get better? Is this damage permanent?

Andrews said Mike's brain looks ok and he fully expects Mike to get back where he was.

Not to insult Andrews, but after this hell - I'll believe it when I see it... and probably not even then.


-V said...

Thank God that the pressure on Mike's brain has abated after the surgery this early morning. Abiding thanks for talented surgeons and many thanks, Danna, for your thoughtfulness in taking the time to update the blog immediately - despite sheer exhaustion. We are grateful Mike is now experiencing some relief. We hope, pray, and trust that he will now stabilize and begin to recover.

Peter said...

Are we in the clear re: DIC? If so, that's a big relief.

University of Delaware said...

It is our sincere hope that Mike is feeling some relief after this latest surgery. Please know that he is in our best wishes. We will continue to think positive thoughts and encourage everyone else out there to do so as well.

Anonymous said...

could the decadron have contributed to the situation?

Jalena said...

Anonymous, blood clotting is not a known side effect of Decadron, to my knowledge. I was questioning the Heparin already before this even happened although not in this context since its suppose to prevent clotting!!! I do think that was probably the culprit. the list of meds. Danna gave would stagger a mule and some of those seemed counterindicative to me but then I'm not a doctor. Still, I was questioning some of them being used together. I dont know that anyone will ever really know. It will be interesting to see if they come up with any other theory.