Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - 12:30 am

Just got a call from Dr. Pascal Jaboor (neurosurgery resident) in the NICU. Tonight's MRI reveals a large fluid collection under the front left portion of the skull - larger than immediate post-op. MRI also reveals a mid-line shift (entire brain is off-center) and significant compression of the brain.

They are taking him right now for an emergency surgery.
Dr. Andrews is on his way in to the hospital right now. They are going to remove the bone flap like they did after Mike's last craniotomy. This will give Mike's brain some room to swell and will remove that fluid.

I asked Pascal if anything on the scan revealed the probable cause behind Mike's irregular heart rate and respiratory functioning. He said that the collection is so large that it's causing the whole brain to be shifted - over and down towards the brain stem, hence affecting central nervous system functioning.

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Anonymous said...

Danna, I am so frightened and at a complete loss for what to say, but just wanted you to know I am with you in my thoughts and hope everything is not as bad as it seems to be.